Afternoon Tug 5-20-15

MVP-Steph Curry drops 34 in a game 1 victory over the Rockets. Then sparks SMO (Social Media Outrage) by bringing his 2 year old daughter to the podium. (ForTheWin)

NBA draft lottery happened last night. Big winners are T-Wolves, Lakers & Sixers. Big losers…The NY Knicks. (ESPN)

The end of an era. Late night TV will never be the same once Dave Letterman films his final show tonight. 3 great articles here, here & here. Thank you Dave, you were the best!

Barkley on TNT…Good idea! Barkley as NBA General Manager…Bad idea. (SlamMag)

NFL changed the extra point. Kickers will now have to make a 32 yard attempt rather than the 20 yarder we’ve all been used to. Still…should make it 99% of the time. (NFL)

The Tug gets serious. Honestly, I think we should lock this family up for a long, long time. 20 years minimum. (CNN)

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