Afternoon Tug 6-3-15

Seems like Brandon Boykin has had enough of your questions about him moving to the outside. Honestly, I would be done with that question as well. Its not happening. He doesn’t fit Chips mold at that position. Best thing for Boykin is to give the same answer every time, “Im just happy to help my team in anyway” and to concentrate on covering the slot receiver again this season. Hopefully he’ll duplicate his 2013 stats. (6 INT’s) (

I was waiting for the “Andre Iguodala remembers Philly” article to come out this week. Good work by Sarah E. Todd? (Not on twitter ***Update: she is on twitter @NBASarah,) but I still think it should be a requirement, for you to be on social media if you’re a writer?! Iggy heard it from fans/media about his play on the floor yes, not arguing that. But no way should he be putting out there that fans in Philly would “hurl expletives” his way when he would walk down the street. In my 10+ years of living in this city, fans melt any chance they get when, they meet a Philadelphia athlete face to face. That’s not to say it never happened. @vwilliams247 said it best on twitter “It probably happened & he’s extrapolating an isolated incident to fit the narrative of unruly Philly fans.” Iggy studied from the “Book of McNabb.” (

Also, I dug this article up from (The700Level), writer Andrew Unterberger. His profile pic is a monster of some kind, so no idea if I know of him or not. However, I was at Iggy’s first game back after being traded to the Denver Nuggets and to say “I’ll always believe the disservice fans paid him in his last days and after his exit is a far blacker mark on our city’s rep than anything Santa Claus or battery-related” is a bit of a stretch right? I remember Iggy hearing the sarcastic boos that lasted a little longer than it should have, true. But I also remember during the first tv timeout Iggy getting a standing ovation. Booing is more of a black-eye over throwing batteries at a player? 

Are Eagles fans buying these jerseys or does Tebow have that big of a cult following, that the “Tebow-maniacs” must purchase whatever jersey he’s wearing? My man steps off the streets and breaks the top 20 jerseys sold? Tebowmania (ESPN)

The General” Bob Ley, re-ups at ESPN. Which got the brain juices flowing this morning. Top 5 ESPN faces right now? *Meaning, every time I turn on the channel, I see these 5. Shoot me a tweet and tell me yours. (Never agree on lists)

  1. Van Pelt
  2. Stephen A
  3. Bob Ley
  4. Colin Cowherd
  5. Lindsey Czarniak

Jam of the day: Jay-Z & the boy Pharrell, June 3, 2003.

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