Report: Joel Embiid Rebroke the Navicular Bone in His Foot

The Daily News‘ Bob Cooney penned an article today basically looking at this season for the Sixers. He said the team should slightly improve, albeit dealing with a rash of injuries to some key players. One of those key players is Joel Embiid, who Cooney confirmed had rebroken the same bone in his right foot, thus deeming it “not healing fast enough” for the Sixers.

I mean, at least that’s what they put out when updating the city on Embiid’s health. And today, Cooney pretty much hid the big story in his article.

Of course, there is the impending surgery on Joel Embiid’s right foot, which should be any day. Sources have confirmed to the Daily News that the navicular bone in his right foot was rebroken.

Now, I don’t think many of us are shocked at that piece of news. Many of us, including myself, started getting a little uneasy when Embiid’s healing process was taking longer than anyone anticipated, let alone the timing of the Sixers’ news updates. Fast forward and we have Sam Hinkie putting out a statement that Embiid will undergo a second surgery and miss the entire 2015-16 season. There was sort of a what the hell? reaction by many simply because of the timing of the news. The Sixers sure know how to news dump.

With the news that Embiid rebroke his foot, we really can’t take anything Hinkie says seriously anymore. In fact, we could probably take it with a grain of salt. No matter how much he makes us feel a bit better about our basketball team after he talks to the media, there’s nothing more glaring than the organization keeping that information from their fans for far too long; especially considering it’s a complete rebreak of a bone and not just a healing issue. So… what the hell, Sixers?

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