Report: Joel Embiid to Have Second Surgery, Miss 2015-2016 Season

The Inquirer‘s Keith Pompey reports that Joel Embiid is going to have a second surgery on his foot, according to sources. And the outlook isn’t good.

The 7-footer will have a second surgery after the latest setback in the healing of his right foot, according to several NBA sources. The team will decide whether to have it in North Carolina or at the New York Hospital of Special Surgery

“I would say there’s a great possibility that Embiid won’t play next year,” the source said. “Just think how long they sat him when they thought he was healthy.”

The Sixers are planning as if Embiid won’t play this season, sources say. Another source said the franchise is concerned that this setback could be career-threatening.

The Sixers are expected to release a statement about Embiid’s immediate future. It could come as early as next week.

So, the Sixers are worried this is a career-threatening injury for Embiid. What seemed like was just a matter of not healing as quickly as anticipated has now turned into a full-on setback for Embiid. I mean, he was doing between the legs dunks in warm-ups, but wasn’t healthy enough to play? He may never play in the NBA.

This report by FiveThirtyEight from last year doesn’t serve as a good sign, either. A third surgery might not be out of the question.

Something else to consider: while this might be the worst case scenario for Embiid, it might not be for the Sixers. They’ve prepared for this.

Here’s what those on social media are saying about Embiid:

UPDATE: Sam Hinkie has released an official statement confirming the report.

PHILADELPHIA, PA – JULY 11, 2015 – The following is a statement from Philadelphia 76ers President of Basketball Operations and General Manager Sam Hinkie:

“As we previously communicated, we have spent the last several weeks working closely with Joel and his representatives to further evaluate Joel’s foot following the results of the most recent CT scan. This included conference calls and in-person visits with renowned foot and ankle specialists from the United States (New York, North Carolina, Colorado, California and Pennsylvania) and internationally (Australia, the Netherlands and Qatar).  This group of experts unanimously agreed that the routine CT scan in June did reveal less healing than anticipated, an unexpected result since Joel was not experiencing any foot pain.

“We have been consistent in our philosophy that our focus will be Joel’s long-term health and wellness to ensure he will have a long and impactful career in the NBA. After receiving the input of the aforementioned medical experts, as well as conversations with Joel and his representatives, there was careful consideration given to a number of options related to this particular situation. A collective decision has been made that the best approach to promote full healing would be to proceed with a bone graft of the fracture site. We anticipate the procedure will take place in the next 7-10 days and result in Joel missing the upcoming season.

“We are still in the process of determining the doctor who will perform the procedure, which should be finalized in the coming days. Sixers Director of Performance Research and Development Dr. David T. Martin will outline and lead Joel’s rehab and recovery plan, in collaboration with a worldwide network of experts and specialists.”

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