Congratulations, Philly. You Have the Worst Professional Sports Teams on This Continent

There’s no question this city, which thrives with its sports teams, has been a miserable place to be the last few years. With all the high expectations set forth for the Eagles this season – and not just by the media, but by them themselves, as well – it’s been a terrible 2015 football season so far in Philadelphia. One would think it could only get better from here, but I’m not so sure about that. And, so, we bring you this information that’s sure to make you even more miserable.

Jimmy Kempski and the [great] guys over at The Philly Voice took the current or most recent winning percentages of seasons for cities that had at least three professional sports teams. Philly comes in dead last.


That’s not all, though. Kempski also then took cities with one or two sports teams and did the same thing. Philly was still nearly last at .297 to New Orleans’ .250.

It’s a sad state of affairs in sports in this city right now.

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