LeSean McCoy Denies Hanging up on Chip Kelly

In the midst of all the LeSean McCoy madness last week, Jeff McLane reported that McCoy had hung up on Chip Kelly when Kelly attempted to call him last Tuesday. Shady was quite the talkative fella last week up until the Eagles/Bills game ended. He literally had nothing to say after the Bills lost to the Eagles, 23-20, on Sunday.

McCoy said at the start of last week that he wasn’t going to shake Kelly’s hand. Kelly even apologized to McCoy at a press conference last week. But would McCoy be that cold to hang up on Chip Kelly? Now that the dust has settled, it seems like McCoy is ready to talk.

Per Tyler Dunne of The Buffalo News, on Wednesday McCoy denied the report that he hung up on Kelly. Kelly also had previously denied the report.

McCoy talked a bit about his reaction to losing the game on Sunday.

When you lose a game, obviously you’re mad and disappointed but you move on. We’ve got the Redskins this week, a good opponent. So we’ll try to go in there and get a win.” McCoy would continue. “Just upset. We didn’t win the game. The same as any game if you lose. Obviously, (ticked) off. In that game, we had some big errors with the penalties. Small things kind of got us. That was really it, pretty much angry about that.”

Well, there you go. Now that both Kelly and McCoy have denied the report and now that the game is over, let’s just hope that McCoy can finally move on.
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