Report: Eagles to Pursue Sean Payton If He Leaves the Saints

The Eagles are truly leaving no stone unturned in their head coaching search, and that’s how it should be. According to Paul Domowitch, the Eagles are going to pursue Sean Payton if he decides to part ways with the Saints tomorrow.

Domo admits the Eagles know they’ll likely have to give up something to get Payton, which could be problematic.

Payton’s history with the Eagles has been well documented and he’ll become the most sought after head coach in the NFL if he does leave the Saints. And, if Payton does decide to leave, he’s going to have many suitors for his services. And he’s likely going to want full control like he has in New Orleans, according to Domo.

But would Payton be interested in the Eagles? While Loomis wears the title of general manager in New Orleans, Payton essentially has complete control of personnel with the Saints, and almost certainly would want it with the next team he coaches.
That wouldn’t seem to mesh with Lurie’s new “collaborative” personnel plan, featuring former GM Howie Roseman. But in case you didn’t notice, Lurie was purposely vague about Roseman’s exact role in personnel last week.

The Saints would also likely want some big compensation for Payton if they do let him go. Jeff Duncan of NOLA.com thinks the following guidelines will tell where Payton winds up next.

While Payton grew up in Newtown, PA, his family isn’t really anywhere around the area anymore. So a move back here seems highly unlikely.

Then again, so did hiring Chip Kelly in 2013.

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