The “Inspiration” Mural in Happy Valley Now Features Joe Paterno with a Halo Again

The “Inspiration” mural that featured a halo-less Joe Paterno has been changed. Michael Pilato, the creator of the mural, also added halos to others that are featured in the mural.

The halo was removed from Paterno in the mural in July 2012, after the Freeh report alleged Paterno was a part of a team of Penn State officials that covered up Jerry Sandusky’s child sex abuse. Whether you agree with how Paterno handled that entire situation or don’t, this is bound to cause another verbal war between the two sides.

Just so we’re clear, the halo returned to Paterno in the mural despite him waiting an entire weekend, as to not disrupt anyone’s plans, to report sexual abuse.



  1. Joe Paterno's Statue

    01/10/2016 at 11:01 AM

    Oh Silly Silly Nick Piccone. Such a clever joke there Nick. Oh your so funny aren’t you… Pilato waited an entire weekend, so he wouldn’t disrupt anyone’s plans, to report sexual abuse. Ohhh right like they said Joe Pa did when he heard about the famous big shower incident. Joe Pa waited until the weekend was over, because he didn’t want to ruin anyone weekend. Nick Piccone, I think you’re the front runner for comedian of the year with that one. You’re so funny I forgot to laugh…

    While we’re at it, I got a funny joke for you too. You know what was freakin hilarious? Remember when the NCAA thought Joe Paterno needed to have his wins stripped, you know those wins that he won on the field, the wins that made him the winningest coach in College Football history. You know the wins that he won by doing it the right way, by following the rules and by staying out of trouble like it’s supposed to be done?

    But that wasn’t even the really funny part… The really Funny part was when the NCAA returned the wins to Joe Pa, making him once again the winningest coach ever.

    Wasn’t that so funny Nick Piccone when we saw the NCAA have to reverse all those sanctions and give Joe Pa back all those wins? That was freakin hilarious though and it’s going to be even funnier when Joe Pa’s statue gets returned and people really start getting butthurt. Can’t wait to see your article about that one.

    Pilato like many people in this country felt a sort of sick and twisted peer pressure to throw all these good people under the bus, like Joe Pa. (because ESPN said so right..) Erasing the halo on Joe Pa had to be one of the most idiotic things I’ve ever seen, aside from the whole stripping Joe Pa of wins and getting him fired and then the NCAA having to reverse all that LMFAO.

    What a joke this scandal has been. The lengths that ESPN and the media went to frame Joe Pa is simply unbelievable…the greatness of this man Joe Paterno will never be forgotten, what the media did to this man will never be forgotten. Joe Pa was the best college football coach ever and these media blowhards were so envious and jealous of this man it’s just unfathomable how badly the media messed up this story.

    In a story of this magnitude, it’s not simply incompetence or being fed misinformation and reporting it, to where a simply apology makes it right. There was a concerted effort to destroy this man’s entire reputation, and they have failed miserable. They’ve made Joe Pa a martyr by wronging this man in one of the sickest and most ridiculous ways possible.

    I’m getting my popcorn ready, I’m gonna sit back and watch this whole thing unravel till Joe Pa’s fully vindicated and made whole again.

    • Nick Piccone

      01/12/2016 at 8:16 AM

      Oh, silly Joe Pa’s statue. You can’t even talk. How can you type? Oh, silly Joe Pa’s statue, do they serve blue and white Kool-Aid in Happy Valley? It would make sense, since a lot of Penn State alum think waiting a good 48 hours to report child sex abuse allegations think that’s the right thing to do. I mean, Joe Pa didn’t want to ruin anyone’s weekend, and that in and of itself is the true definition of an icon.

      Oh, silly Joe Pa’s statue. I won’t argue how the media played an important role in this entire scandal. But I will argue that being told about child sex abuse allegations and then waiting until the weekend was over to report it is ridiculous. And Joe Pa even admitted he wished he did more.

      So, silly Joe Pa’s statue – since you’re made of stone, would you report child sex abuse allegations the minute you heard it?

    • Nick Piccone

      01/12/2016 at 8:17 AM

      Notice how in my post, I mentioned the child sex abuse allegations, yet you didn’t in your post.

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