Here’s a Look at Joe Paterno’s “Legend” Being Immortalized

Penn State University is back in the news again, specifically supporters of Joe Paterno. Anytime Paterno’s name comes up chaos usually follows. Either you loved him or loathed him at this point.

If you talk to a supporter of Joe Paterno, they’ll most likely tell you that Paterno “did everything that he could” to stop Jerry Sandusky from raping boys. However, I’m quite certain that if these same people had their own children raped by Sandusky, they’d be singing a different tune. But, hell what do I know? It’s all about the “wins” in college football that matter, right?

So for all the people with blinders on who still support Paterno, the following will surely make a tingle crawl up your legs. For everyone else, you may want to turn your head. Here’s a look at the making of the “Tribute to Joe Paterno” statue from the Immortalizing a legend ” From Dust to Metal ” Joseph Vincent Paterno facebook page.

Immortalizing a legend " From Dust to Metal " Joseph Vincent Paterno Facebook Page

Immortalizing a legend ” From Dust to Metal ” Joseph Vincent Paterno Facebook Page

If those pics don’t sicken you, here’s the description of this foolishness.


“In 2012 a 900 hundred pounds bronze sculpture of the famous coach Joseph Vincent Paterno was removed from the Beaver Stadium, which devastated a large number of fans. No one knows where this monument is; Officially Penn state has not been able to reveal the location or the condition of the actual art work to the artists who created it. One of the co-authors of the sculpture of Joe Paterno artist Yesid Gomez had been trying to contact Penn state officials concerning the removal of the statue, to find the location and the condition of the bronze but no respond has been made yet, “since they are not responding to our request and we are not getting the original art work we have decide to bring the image of the beloved coach and friend back again”. Wilfer Buitrago and Yesid Gomez the two original sculptors are joining forces once again to rebuilding the original sculpture identical to the one that had been remove from beaver stadium “It is time to heal and rebuild” for a new beginning. The art work will have a minor change in design, Gomez reply, The new sculpture instead of the iconic stance with a finger pointed high (which Joe Paterno never like that concept, As we all very well know, he was a very humble person) will have a clenched fist insinuated a symbol of unity and peace, “ We will not fall, we will not be diminished” The project is already underway and is in the initial building phase at a secret location in Ephrata PA same town as the original was created, two copies of this art work will be made the first one is going to be donated to the family in memory of their lost, second replica will travel to Penn State stadium for all the fans and the people that bleed blue and white
The construction of each replica in bronze will cost about $50,000. The sculpture piece also will travel from different locations and museums so that others may pay homage to the late coach. The first spot for this art work will be the sports museum located in Pittsburg, Pa.”

Here’s all of the hard work that’s going into propping up an enabler…

I have no more words for this, other than that this is beyond sad.




  1. Mike Mo

    02/21/2016 at 6:24 PM

    These guys are self-serving douche-bags.

  2. I Said Please

    02/22/2016 at 5:15 AM

    This is all going on without the permission of the school, so again let’s not generalize the entire Penn State community for actions of a few (2 people). Why don’t we focus on the actions of many (15,000 students) and their fight against pediatric cancer. $9.7 million raised THIS YEAR and a total of $127 million over the past 39 years. God forbid a philly sports site writes something positive about Penn State. If you’re going to write about the negatives, can you please mention the positives?

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