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Shots Fired! Katt Williams Levels Serious Accusations at Philly’s Own Kevin Hart

Everywhere you turn, there seems to be some sort of beef going on on the entertainment world. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in music, sports or politics. Now, you can add the comedy world to this ever-growing list now. Katt Williams mentioned Kevin Hart’s name on Saturday night in Atlanta, and it wasn’t pretty. Williams is clearly a very bitter guy with rat-like hair. Check out the video of Williams among other things, calling Hart a puppet. The video is NSFW.

Here’s the full transcript:

“I’ve already proven that if the best they got in comedy is Kevin Hart than — don’t you boo a black man working hard, baby. Even if that n****’s a puppet, it’s not his fault. We don’t get mad. Just because I’m better than some black dudes doesn’t mean I’m better than no black dudes. I’m saying if you want to be mad at Kermit The Frog, don’t be mad at Kermit The Front. Be mad at Jim Henson. Don’t say, ‘F*ck Donald Duck” when you really mean, ‘F*ck Walt Disney. I don’t care nothing that happens to Kevin [Hart], I just wish him the best. I just know that that’s somebody’s hand stuck up that baby, you understand. Oh, we’re a puppet show, boo boo. Please believe it. You’re looking at the only n**** that ain’t. So, since I’ve already officially proven to myself that I really am who Richard Pryor passed his torch to, and that I was able to do it without letting a man suck my d*ck, or sucking a man’s d*ck. I walked in with a virgin a**hole, I walked out with a virgin a**hole. I got the same soul today that I had when I did Pimp Chronicles all the way to the end of Pimp Chronicles.”

Williams better think twice about going after Hart. Philly has his back.


H/T to BroBible

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