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Doug Pederson Hasn’t Talked to DeMarco Murray at All since Becoming Head Coach

During Sam Bradford’s press conference yesterday, Doug Pederson also spoke to the media and spoke on Bradford and how he loves having him back in the fold. But one of the more interesting notes coming out of yesterday was that Pederson has yet to speak with DeMarco Murray, who’s reportedly unhappy in Philadelphia and wants to go back to the Cowboys in the worst way.

Pederson was officially hired by the Eagles before his old team, the Kansas City Chiefs, played the Patriots on January 16th and lost. On January 19th, Pederson was introduced as the Eagles’ head coach. That’s almost a month and a half Pederson has had to talk to Murray about his reported unhappiness in Philly, and he hasn’t.

When asked about whether Murray is happy or not, Pederson responded, “I don’t know. I haven’t talked to him. I can’t tell you one way or the other if he is or not. I’d love to have him.”

Well, that’s great. I don’t think Murray is finished. I think he’s still an effective running back and was completely lost in Chip Kelly’s offense. Did Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles have success under Chip? Absolutely. But Murray clearly showed last season he needs to be used in a certain way, inasmuch a north-south runner between the tackles rather than a sweep runner trying to find a hole laterally. As a football player, yeah, Murray should adjust his game and become a better all-around player for the team. But maybe he can’t. Maybe he tried. Maybe he just wants to go back to Dallas.

Bradford said during his press conference that he and Pederson have talked and gone over terminology and he was comfortable coming back here in another new offense – one with which he’s quite familiar. So Pederson not talking to Murray is pretty noteworthy, especially considering the reports floating out there about Murray’s unhappiness. Why wouldn’t he reach out to him? Maybe he reached out to him to tell him they’re working on a trade. Hell, they’re already listening to offers for that terrible contract Chip signed him to last year.

Murray was reportedly not a fan of Chip. One would think a new coach would change his perception of the team. Or maybe Pederson just doesn’t want him on his team. Regardless, going a month and a half without talking to your highest paid running back speaks volumes.

Pro Football Talk notes that Pederson saying he’d love to have Murray might increase his price a bit in any kind of trade, but publicly saying he hasn’t spoken to him pretty much negates a price increase. Whatever happens, I still think Murray isn’t back here next season.

And if people think Pederson isn’t allowed to talk to Murray, that’s not entirely true. PFT also notes that even though new coaches and new players can’t have football discussions [which happens regardless], they can get acquainted. So Pederson not talking to Murray might have an impact on his return to the team.

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