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Some Not So Good Rumors about Ezekiel Elliott’s Drug Habits Are Making the Rounds Now

There’s becoming a sort of growing need by Eagles fans – at least the ones I’ve come in contact with recently – for them to draft a running back in the first round of the NFL draft this year. After trading DeMarco Murray to the Titans and now having to rely on Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles as the premiere running backs on the team, the Eagles sure could use another running back. Whether it be free agency in training camp or drafting one next month, everyone can agree that they need another one. First round, though? Eh…

We’ve profiled Ezekiel Elliott along with other players that the Eagles could target as the eighth overall pick in the draft next month. Will it be Elliott? Howie Roseman hinted at the possibility yesterday.

But now, Howie and co. may be rethinking their draft strategy after rumors about Elliott’s drug habits are quickly making the rounds not only on the internet, but apparently among the 32 NFL teams.

Benjamin Allbright, who’s all of a sudden become the NFL insider for The Josh Innes Show on WIP, was on the air with Innes on Tuesday afternoon and said that and it’s apparently well-known around NFL circles that Elliott, along with OSU teammate, Joey Bosa, hitting some party drugs pretty hard.

There are a lot of rumors floating around about him using party drugs — MDMA, ecstasy, stuff like that — attending raves, and all that kind of stuff. Nothing substantiated, a lot of anecdotal.

“I’ve had stuff sent to me on and off — pictures of him down in Florida partying,” Allbright explained. “There’s been a couple of other whispers here and there from guys in the league that are saying, ‘Hey these rumors are hanging around, but I can’t substantiate. Do you have anything?’ Teams are definitely looking at it, I’ll tell you that much. But as far as hard evidence, in it of itself — a bombshell photograph — I haven’t seen it yet.
“The talks will have teams looking into it and if teams do not feel comfortable with him off the field, then they will pass.”

Allbright is alluding to this article, posted first on last week. It begins with Noah Spence, a former Ohio State football player and now at Eastern Kentucky, who was interviewed at the Senior Bowl and said he wasn’t the only football player using ecstacy while at parties, which was the reason he was kicked out of OSU’s football program.  The report states that after spoke with sources with multiple teams, two players that are already being tabbed as hardcore partiers that may be involved in those type of drugs are Bosa and Elliot.

While they speculate those two are being looked at by NFL teams for those issues, they’re careful to reiterate neither player had positive drug tests. Bosa, however, refused a drug test before this past season and was suspended for the opener.

Bosa told teams that he wouldn’t take the test because he was going to test positive for adderall. He is said to have ADHD or ADD, so teams wouldn’t have held that positive test for adderall against him and they feel he should have just gotten a prescription for the medication. Teams believe that Bosa knew he was going to test positive for worse drugs and that is why he refused to take the test. Bosa wouldn’t admit to using ecstasy or molly, but he did admit that he likes to attend raves. He claimed that he likes going to raves for the “music,” which teams found to be very questionable. Molly and ecstasy are common drugs used at raves.
At Ohio State, Bosa was a roommate with Ezekiel Elliott. Apparently, their shared place was a party destination, and Bosa told teams that he had to move out and get his own place to get away from all the parties that Elliott had going on. Sources say they suspect that Elliott was also using molly and ecstasy while parting. A number of Elliott’s teammates in the Combine interviews told teams that Elliott was a partier, and a unique individual. They said they hung out with him some, but he rubbed some the wrong way. Sources from multiple teams said that Elliott didn’t interview well at the Combine, while Bosa had mixed feedback. The skepticism of why he goes to raves and the refusal of the drug test bothered some evaluators.

It sounds like that even though there seems to no concrete evidence, at least publicly, of either guy testing positive for molly or ecstacy, NFL teams already have made a judgment on those two players. However, the report states that teams don’t expect their draft stock to fall because of it.

Listen to the audio of Allbright and Innes below.


I’m willing to bet we see Elliott’s draft stock drop and the Patriots grab him so we can have The Gronk and Zeke Show.


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