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Prank Caller Convinces Burger King Employees to Smash Their Store’s Own Windows

In a non-sports related post, employees of a Burger King were tricked by a prank caller to smash the windows of their own restaurant. Yes, that’s right. You are hearing that correctly. Here’s the video of the employees smashing the windows out.

On Friday night, the store received a call by someone who they thought was a fire official. The faux fire official “informed the workers that their fast food joint had a gas leak, and the pressure was raising in the building, and they needed to immediately break all the windows otherwise the establishment would explode.” The employees listened, hence what you saw above. They clearly didn’t want to chance dying that evening. They grabbed tire irons from their cars and smashed all windows.

Minnesota Police quickly arrived to the scene,  because onlookers thought that the Burger King was being vandalized. Firefighters were also dispatched and found no evidence of leaking gas.

I couldn’t make this stuff up even if I wanted to. The prank clearly led to plenty of damages to the building. But on the bright side, other than the restaurant, no one was harmed.

[H/T BroBible]

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