Report: The Phoenix Suns are Targeting Jay Wright to be Their next Head Coach

You knew it was bound to happen soon or a later. Fresh off of winning a National Championship with the Villanova Wildcats, head coach Jay Wright is reportedly being targeted for a NBA head coaching gig.  According to NBA sources close to long-time NBA columnist Mitch Lawrence, Jay Wright has emerged as the top choice of the Phoenix Suns to become their head coach.

They always say never say never. I just don’t think that it would be the move that Wright would make. Could I ultimately see him taking a NBA job? Sure, absolutely. I just think it would have to be the perfect fit for him. While the Suns do have some nice young talent on their team, I think that patience should be the name of the game for Wright. He will be the top target of many teams in both the NBA and NCAA. He holds all the cards though.

With the Nova parade all set for Center City on Friday, it may be time for Nova fans to cherish these moments even more than normal. The clock could be very well ticking on Wright’s time on the Main Line.



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