Top Gear: The American Wins?

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Top Gear has been one of the BBC’s biggest shows since its rebirth in 2002. This year for the first time since the show’s revival, Top Gear rolled out a new panel of hosts.

This was all sparked by the Jeremy Clarkson incident last year where the host punched his producer in the face because the hosts and their crew were not provided a hot meal after a long day of shooting. Clarkson was fired leading to Richard Hammond and James May leaving at the end of the season, and the three will have a new show called The Grand Tour available on Amazon Prime set to come out some time this fall.

So, that all leads to BBC recruiting seven (yes, seven!) new hosts, with the two main ones being Chris Evans (the British one, not Captain America) and Matt LeBlanc. Over the year of filming, many reports surfaced that most of the cast and crew weren’t getting along with Evans, then early last week, a report from the British tabloid The Sun, stated that LeBlanc was threatening to leave if Evans didn’t leave or get fired.

Whatever did or didn’t happen behind the scenes led to Evans tweeting this, on the Fourth of July to make things better”

“Stepping down from Top Gear. Gave it my best shot but sometimes that’s not enough. The team are beyond brilliant, I wish them all the best.”

For the second time in history, the USA has defeated the Brits on the Fourth of July! As a longtime fan of the show, this season wasn’t anything close to its best, but it certainly was still enjoyable. Evans, however, provided many awkward moments seemingly shouting at the camera when he’s on screen. Also, he wore the same thing in every episode. Seriously. Look:


LeBlanc was clearly the best thing about the new series and with Evans out it will be interesting to see how the American will fit in his new role as the main host on the British television show. The next season of Top Gear is set to begin filming in September.

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