Must-See: Camden Concert-Goer Shows Us Why You Don’t Try to Sneak into a Concert

On Saturday, August 20th the supergroup Prophets of Rage brought their igniting concert to BB&T Pavilllion in Camden, New Jersey. The genre fusing band consisting of featured members from Rage Against The Machine, Cypress Hill’s B-Real, and Public Enemy’s Chuck D, attracts the most raucous of fans from all around the world.

When the “Make America Rage Again Tour” began on Saturday night, and the band infused the Camden Waterfront with their powerhouse sound, they attracted the most intriguing kind of fan; the inebriated one without a ticket. It appears this unnamed fan and his friends, photographed below, would not be denied entry to hear their favorite band. Without a ticket, the group’s only option was to scale the pavilion’s walls.

As we all know, some schemes are better left in the realm of theory and should never grace the shores of reality. After the first individual in the group made it over the wall, he turned around to learn that his victory was short-lived. The second member of the  eager group didn’t have similar luck. The man’s emphatic climb had a hilarious ending when he ended up pinched and stuck by the black steel fence surrounding the arena. There was a struggle to get him free and somewhere in the fray, his clothing became optional.


NSFW pics listed below.






(Photo courtesy of Akima Morgan)


(Photo courtesy of Akima Morgan)


The amusing and ridiculous exchange had a happy ending:

I hope this  “Legend of Lost Clothes” serves as a cautionary tale to all. If you really want to see an act, get a ticket. If you can’t get a ticket and want to climb buildings like The Dark Knight, just remember, even Batman wore a secure belt.

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