NFL Analysis: The Day After … Week 11

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Are you looking for scores, recaps, highlights, and predictions all in one place? In this new segment, I will try to give a quick recap of what happened yesterday and give a quick prediction of what I see happening on Monday night. All this plus the highlights of all the top plays of the day! Let’s get to it, shall we?

Panthers 23, Saints 20

The Panthers have brought new meaning to the phrase “Super Bowl hangover” this year. Yes, they went out and won last Thursday night to keep their slim playoff chances alive, but something is still missing. In a game where Cam Newton should have feasted on a secondary who has more holes than a target range practice sheet, he finished with underwhelming numbers, going 14-of-33 for 192 yards and a touchdown. Add that to his horrid second half line of  6-of-14 for 58 yards, and you have a Carolina disaster. Kudos to Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints for scoring 20 unanswered points to make this a game.

Bills 16, Bengals 12 

Is this the score of the Plinko Championships or an actual posting form the world of air hockey? Unfortunately, it is an actual NFL game that had as much excitement as a Roger Goodell press conference. The Bengals’ season is toast with this loss, not to mention the loss of AJ Green and Giovani Bernard for likely the rest of the season. See you in 2017!

Steelers 24, Browns 9

This game was a lot closer than it looks, but the Browns continue to lose. The Steelers are a mess at times, but Le’Veon Bell is always there to save the day. He had 25 touches for 135 yards and a touchdown … at the half. Need I say more?

Cowboys 27, Ravens 17

For a little while, it looked like this had the makings of an upset. That was until the Cowboys woke up and Dez Bryant decided to show up. The Ravens gave them a short run and Steve Smith, Sr. hit a milestone, but at the end of the day the Boys of Dallas are still at the top of the hill.

Lions 26, Jaguars 19

The Lions are 6-4 and tied for first place in the NFC North. Wow! Matthew Stafford is playing like a true MVP this year and has quietly helped minimize the loss of Megatron. On the other side, Blake Bortles has been awful and the Gus Bus is getting ready to take a ride into the unemployment line. He has all the making of Steve Spags. Stick to defense, Gus!

Colts 24, Titans 17

Marcus Mariota started off shaky and Andrew Luck made some questionable decisions, but in the end, this game showed us a glimpse of the future. These two guys will be battling for years to come and for that we should be thankful as football fans. Oh, and DeMarco Murray scored again! Comeback player of the year?

Buccaneers 19, Chiefs 17 

Wait, the game is over? Yeah that’s how exciting this video game contest was. In the ‘Who Cares?’ Game of the Week, the Bucs win. Next!

Vikings 30, Cardinals 24

This contest could have been summed up as the guy with the big sleeves against the guy who wears a youth league helmet. Will someone please get Carson Palmer a bigger chin strap!? He’s shown his age this year and if it wasn’t for David Johnson, the Cardinals could possibly be worse than the Browns. The Vikings made some big plays on special teams and defense to seal the deal. Both these teams were in desperation mode and Minnesota lives to see another day.

Giants 22, Bears 16

The Bears continue to jockey for draft position as the Giants could conceivably be the worst 7-3 team of all time. Even with the rash of injuries the Bears had consumed by the middle of the game, the Giants let them hang around. One positive is Rashad Jennings ran the ball well and helped ease the angst of Eli Manning.

Dolphins 14, Rams 10 

In Jared Goff’s debut, the Rams came out on fire and Todd Gurley found the end zone for the first time in weeks. However, the offense stalled and the Dolphins methodically went down the field on two successful drives to pull out a great win on the road. In Adam We Trust!

Seahawks 26, Eagles 15

In a game where the Seahawks were supposed to dominate the offense-starved Eagles, the story read the way it was drawn up. Russell  Wilson ran, threw and caught his way through Philadelphia as he had more skills than all of the Eagle receivers combined. Doug Pederson needs to loosen the visor and figure out what the hell is going on.

Patriots 30, 49ers 17 

Tom Brady goes home and doesn’t disappoint. He does what he’s supposed to do and puts Julian Edelman back into the spotlight with 17 targets. Remember when Bill Belichick said Chip Kelly was one of the smartest football coaches he knows? I wonder if he still thinks the same way now?

Redskins 42, Packers 24 

It looks like the Redskins are for real and will ride this high into the playoffs. On the flipside, Aaron Rodgers has found his stroke the last couple of weeks, while the rest of his team are still trying to catch up. Their secondary couldn’t make the redshirt squad at Boise State and Mike McCarthy is more full of himself than Kim K. Meanwhile, Jay Gruden is starting to laugh back at the critics who said he couldn’t hold his brother’s clipboard. Well done, Jay.

Texans @ Raiders – Monday Night Football

Prediction: The Oakland Raiders will steamroll over the Texans behind the arm of Derek Carr. I hope Brock Osweiler watches how the mechanics of a real quarterback work.

Raiders 34, Texans 14

I hope you enjoyed the recap as well as the video below profiling all the top plays on Sunday. Until next week…


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