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The Triple Threat Challenge Rolls into Week 12 … Can You Outlast the Competition?

The Triple Threat Challenge keeps rolling and the scores keep blowing up. As the weeks get longer and more people forget to submit their picks, the scoreboard starts to really shape up. Will the top prize come home to you? Will that one week you forgot to send in your picks bury you for good?

Every week is different, but some of the picks remain the same. However, it only takes one player to slip up and forget his/her picks to let everyone else fall in line. Things are really starting to get interesting.

Next week we will be posting up the registrations for the playoff version with different rules and new competition. Tell your friends, family and co-workers so we can make this the best challenge on the Internet!

Here were the top picks from the last four weeks:

Week 8: Derek Carr, Isaiah Crowell, TY Hilton picked by
Week 9: Aaron Rodgers, Ezekiel Elliot, Jordy Nelson picked by
Week 10: Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliot, Dez Bryant picked by
Week 11: Marcus Mariota, Le’Veon Bell, Rishard Matthews picked by


Here are the standings as of today, not including the Week 12 games.



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