Doug Pederson on Throwing on Third Down Instead of Running It

If it worked, Doug Pederson would’ve been lauded. But it didn’t and many are questioning his sanity.

The play in question was a 3rd-and-5 with 1:42 remaining for the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants having only one more timeout at their disposal. A run makes them take their final one, but a conversion through the air would’ve sealed the victory.

Pederson offered his explanation of why the Eagles threw the ball on third down after the game during his press conference.

I don’t hate the decision to throw the ball as much as everybody else, I just hate the play call.

Here’s my gripe. That was a very low percentage throw for Carson Wentz to make to Jordan Matthews, especially on a 3rd-and-5. I would’ve called a play that didn’t have any options going deep. Darren Sproles also stayed in to block on the play, which is ridiculous. He needs to be running some sort of option route coming out of the backfield. Zach Ertz wasn’t in the game at the time, he needs to be out there running a stop route or a Y-Stick. I would’ve had somebody crossing over the middle of the field. Pederson didn’t have the right personnel or the proper play call in that situation.

Pederson, of course, got away with the outcome when Terrence Brooks intercepted Eli Manning with 14 seconds left.

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