Max Kellerman Roasted Donovan McNabb on ‘First Take’ This Morning

Ah, there’s nothing like seeing Donovan McNabb get roasted for not having any Super Bowl rings, right?

Wait. No. Nevermind. Forget that first sentence.

There is, though, nothing like seeing McNabb trash Eli Manning for being a terrible regular season quarterback compared to McNabb’s Hall of Fame numbers, right? Because that’s exactly what McNabb did this morning on ESPN’s First Take.

While he trashed Manning’s numbers in the regular season, McNabb was quick to boast about his own numbers in the regular season and playoffs to Max Kellerman, who gave a little shot at McNabb for having no Super Bowl rings. You can watch the back-and-forth below, which includes an amazing Stephen A. Smith cameo.

My favorite part is McNabb saying Manning can’t win a game for you because it’s not the playoffs or the Super Bowl. IT’S. MY. FAVORITE. PART!

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