PR Guru Derek Boyko Leaves the Eagles for the Buffalo Bills

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Derek Boyko was one of the best head of public relations for a professional sports team. Just ask anyone. Anyone that’s ever dealt with Boyko will have nothing but glowing things about him. But, today, after 17 years, Boyko announced he’s taking a promotion to head home and work for the Buffalo Bills.

He’ll be their Vice President of Communications.

And it eventually became a day of mourning for the reporters that cover the team on a consistent basis.

Yeah, there was that blip when Jeff McLane was kicked out of the Eagles’ press box this past season. But nobody really blamed Boyko for that. Maybe it was the Eagles’ PR machine going rogue. Anyhow, it’s definitely a big loss for the Eagles and hopefully the organization replaces Boyko with someone who has the same good will with the media that Boyko did.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Patrick Russell McKee

    11/10/2018 at 7:42 PM

    There are certainly a large group of people that had great experiences related to the influence Derek. I am one of the fortunate who benefited. Under his management of the Eagles Media Department, I was given “Photo Credentials” and was there for almost 20 years. The vast majority of my work was spent on a website. Many readers were like myself, disabled. I use a wheelchair, but, never felt different at Lincoln Financial Center – Until Derek was gone -then management considered me as “clutter” and no more “Photo Credentials”. One person does make a difference and that person is Derek

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