“What The Hell?!”: Marshawn Lynch in Houston, Kit Kat Sushi and Which State Claims the Profanity Crown?


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It’s officially Super Bowl week! LeBron James and Charles Barkley are at war, Snowmageddon was a flop, and you don’t know if you should take an Uber, Lyft, or scooter from the bar to get home this weekend. Here are a few things that are more bizarre than trying to figure out if Rings is a prequel, sequel, or a remake after watching the trailer:

1. Le’Veon Bell vs Skip Bayless

Skip Bayless is one of the ultimate lightening rod figures in sports media. The devoted Cowboys servant and misguided analyst has been the object of intense fan and player reaction for years. He spends most of his time pounding his fist on his desk, tweeting nonsense, and he’s almost always wrong. This week, the Steelers’ Pro Bowl running back Le’Veon Bell sent this amazing rap diss Mr. Bayless’ way. The track title “Shrimp Bayless” aims at Bayless’ Dallas allegiance and takes offense to the various quips Skip has made at Bell’s expense. Honestly, any day you can call out Skip Bayless is a good day.

2. Marshawn Lynch is an International Treasure

Marshawn Lynch is over a year removed from his iconic twitter retirement announcement. Lynch’s hanging cleats image served as a closure to a great NFL career. It seems “Beast Mode” is enjoying his days free of the task of barreling his body into defenders. With Super Bowl LI vastly approaching Lynch found himself not in the town where the festivities will be held, but in an identically named Scottish village. Lynch hilariously walks around the area asking villagers about their football knowledge, admiring their clothes, and of course passing out skittles.

3. Car Crash at the Worst Time

There’s nothing like a new car. It comes with a fresh smell, you get to show it off to people, and when you drive down the road you suddenly begin to notice how many other people have the same vehicle. For, a woman from Lufeng, South China, that shimmering moment was short-lived. The woman didn’t get far from the car dealership before she crashed her brand new car into a pedestrian bridge down the street. Even more painstaking, according to the Chuansong report, many insurance policies in the country don’t take immediate effect. The driver’s insurance policy kicked in, sorrowfully, the next day.

Watch video here

4. Kit Kat Sushi

Tokyo has been a land of innovation for quite some time. It’s a city that’s on the cusp of all things tech and new. It’s also a destination known for its culinary delights, namely, sushi. Nestle has figured out a way to oddly take the regional delicacy to new and sugary heights with Kit Kat Sushi. The zany spin on the Kit Kat brand will have three flavors: Maguro (tuna), Tamago (egg), and Uni (sea urchin). Nestle wants everyone to know that the Kit Kats names are mere inspirations and do not taste at all like their labels. The candies go on sale on February 2nd for the truly palate adventurous.

5. Connecticut Needs Soap In Its Mouth

After a study recently linked profanity to intelligence, new research links the frowned upon language to truth. Scientist at Maastricht University conducted a study that examined various  Facebook posts. Each state in America was represented in the pool. The Netherlands University then analyzed each post for various markers including semantics, syntax, and other factors to determine its truthfulness. The study concluded that higher profanity rates were linked to integrity. Connecticut has the highest profanity rate, followed by Delaware,  New Jersey, Nevada, and New York, Maryland, and Massachusetts were tied at 5th place with a score of 46. Out of these states New Jersey had the highest integrity rating. Meaning, when a Jersey driver curses at you in  traffic for cutting them off, they’re probably telling the truth.


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