Boston Fans Remain Petty

I can’t stand Boston fans. The main reason is because of all the parades they’ve celebrated over the past decade. Honestly, if the Red Sox won as many World Series rings as the Patriots have, I’m not so sure I would despise them as much. So I guess, my beef is more with Patriots fans than anything else. Who cares though.

Moving on, the Boston Marathon took place on Monday and it still amazes me that people want to run 26.2 miles but god bless, whatever makes you happy. Throughout those 26-plus miles, there’s a whole bunch of supporters and volunteers that cheer the runners on and I’m sure they provide a little bit of inspiration as you come across the mile 10 mark. (Good lawd, and to think you still would have 16 more miles to go. Gag)

Well this clever Boston fan, created a very cool sign… I give him an A+ for the creativity:

Still can’t believe the freaking Pats came back to win that game. What the F*C*….. never mind.

But the best part is not that.

As usual, it’s 2017, so all networks need content, content and more content! As you can see, ESPN found the kid who took the picture and asked him if they could use the sign on all of their networks. Classy Boston fan responds:

Hahaha … and before you chumps write anything about how “Philly fans would be the same way.” Shut-up, there’s no shot the Eagles will ever win 5 Super Bowls in our lifetime. So stop it with that nonsensical hypothetical.

Lol … Never change Boston fan, never change!


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