Levitate With Kendrick Lamar, Coachella Set From This Morning

I turn 36 years old in two weeks, so I’m starting to realize that my music festival days are numbered. I’m still holding out hope for a trip to Chicago for Lollpalooza or a trip to Coachella. For as much slander Coachella receives, and for the most part it’s because of Hollywood-types filling the VIP tents that leave you with a bad taste, I would argue that as far as lineups go and strictly size and stage props, Coachella is #1 in the U.S.

Case in point: Kendrick Lamar.

If you missed it, (he went on this morning at 1:30AM EST) like me, here’s Lamar closing down Coachella with a set that was filled with bright lights, fire and explosive lyrics from his new album, “DAMN.”

Hit the link here, and his set starts at the 57 minute mark. ENJOY!

A few pictures and videos from his set last night as well:

DAMN. ?: @gregnoire, @_josenegrete

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