NBA Rest Stop: Can It Be Fixed? Give Me Your Take!

Enough is enough! This NBA resting trend is spiraling out of control and the league is doing nothing to changes its course. I understand, as most of you do, that players need a rest from time to time and keep themselves in phenomenal shape. There are various reasons why this health timeout can take place, but often it feels undeserved or just flat out lazy.

While covering my daily topics, I came across a startling story on a NBA franchise that has as much credibility as a #FakeNews super channel. The Brooklyn Nets announced Tuesday night they were resting their big three of  Lopez, Jeremy Lin and Trevor Booker. All of these players are healthy enough to play, but seem to have other thoughts for the season finale. No explanation was given by the Nets or the players, but the intention seems to be consumed in making sure Lopez and Lin, in particular, go into the offseason healthy. If that wasn’t enough to get you riled up, Booker was rested in two of the previous three games as well.

Before you start to blow this off and offer up a weak response, think about the nature of this decision. This is the 20-61 Nets we are talking about, not the first-place Warriors. I, for one, am tired of the NBA being filled with a lot of guys collecting paychecks and making a mockery of the “rest” event.  We have people who go to work every day just to cover their down payment on season tickets or have to work a few days overtime just to witness one game.  Do they get to rest? Does a brick layer decide to build half a wall and take the next day off? Does a doctor decide to push back all their surgeries with no regard for life or priority?

The NBA is filled with talented players, but it still has to mature as a league. If you want to rest, then rest. However, when you’re shown eating popcorn on the bench and cracking jokes about the game you should be playing in, I take great offense. You are getting paid to play a game and no matter how much you can’t stand perception, it still wins out. We all would love to get compensated to do what we enjoy and play our favorite sport. However, most of us are blue collar workers that pour the cement for the foundation of the arena you are privileged to play in. The NBA will ultimately survive, but its credibility may take a huge hit. Is it warranted? Will the decision to rest players impact the integrity of the game? Give me your take!

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