New Jersey Shore Style For Men This Year, The Romper!

I think its hilarious how far Cam Newton goes with his taste in fashion.

From the foxtail, to the mad-hatter-like hats to his Under Armour-themed spikes on game day, I thoroughly enjoy his effort to entertain us on that side of things. However, none of those styles come close to the romper he rocked at Coachella over the weekend.

Yes, a romper.

Normally I get asked during the months of May-September around 15 times what I think about my wife’s selections. For those that have no clue what the hell a romper is… its a woman’s jumpsuit that normally has floral or exotic-popping prints. Again, on a female, I love them.

Now to Killa Cam…

Hahaha. I love it. Honestly.

But there are a few things we need to consider here. Cam is a big dude. 6’5, 245lbs. There’s no shot that my skinny legs popping out the bottom would look good at all, so Ill leave this style to the professionals. But Cam got off easy in this blog, be sure to check out the tweets below where people were letting Cam have it.

Funny stuff.



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