Offense Please! A Small Request to the Eagles


In a world where everyone does a mock draft, and most of the time, are they ever even 75% correct? Either way, it’s content and just like you, I’m clicking!

It’s been interesting to see the names that are available at #14 for the Eagles. Now, if you’ve been catching me on social media or Fox over the past few weeks, I’m on-board with getting Carson Wentz weapons!

Offense, Offense, Offense! Which brings me to this mock draft what I came across yesterday! Corey Davis is a beast and I have no idea why anybody would pass on him. IF, you value Carson Wentz, you need to continue to build around him now. The only thing that catches my attention and has me wondering if the Eagles will look to go after a defensive player with that No. 14 overall pick is that there are holes on that side of the ball. Plus, with the additions of Alshon Jeffrey and Torrey Smith, the front office as a whole might feel that’s good enough for this year. (I am not sold on Torrey Smith at all. If he does anything for the Eagles this year, I’ll be shocked.)

Finally, sticking with the offense, there’s been some debate about which recover to pick if all of the top studs are available. So listed below is how I view them. John Ross and that 4.2 speed is disgusting, but I’m done with the small receivers. Give me that big body down around the goal line.

  1. Mike Williams: Clemson
  2. Corey Davis: Westren Michigan
  3. John Ross: Wash U

***Also, going back to last year and remembering all of the reasons why the Browns passed on Wentz (Thank you) just to hear today that Cleveland is looking at selecting UNC QB, Mitch Trubisky! Thats so BROWNSSSSS


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