Old Dude, Literally Dabbing His Head, Stole The Weekend

A lot of good happened this weekend. Whether we’re talking about Marc Gasol hitting the game-winner at midnight on Saturday night or the Phillies going BACK to BACK to BACK for the first time since 2008 on Sunday. (Trivia question … name those three players?)

There was a lot to choose from for my “Weekend Hero.”

But after careful deliberation, I have decided to go with “Daddy-Dab.” Video first:



Front row at the Grizzlies/Spurs game and as I stated before, the game was BANANAS. However, it doesn’t excuse the old man for trying to keep up with the youth. First of all, is he literally dabbing his head? Like is he sweating? Because that’s what it looks like.

Second, and the most important question … was “dabbing” ever cool?


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