Timmy Jernigan Can’t Wait to get Started in Philly

While flashing a big smile and his shiny golden teeth, an excited Timmy Jernigan explained why he couldn’t wait to get started in Philadelphia.

I’ve been waiting to play in this type of scheme for awhile … I’ve never even played in a system like this to where they really want you to attack all the time. Everywhere I’ve played they’ve always kind of told you to ‘keep the linebackers free, keep the lineman off the linebackers.’ Stuff like that. But this is kind of my first time ever being told ‘Go!’ I’ll prove my point.


Jernigan discussed numerous topics during his introductory press conference, including how Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz told Jernigan that he believes he’s due for a big year.

He told me ‘This is going to be a big year for you.’ He has plans for me. So we’ll see man.

Yep, we shall see. Playing alongside Fletcher Cox should help immensely as well.

He’s a dog. People are going to double him, he’s going to cause attention. And when you get attention and you get double teamed, you’re free on the other side. I’m pretty confident that I can win one-on-ones. I’m confident that I can beat two people sometimes. I think we’re going to complement each other.

Jernigan was acquired by the Eagles last week from the Baltimore Ravens for a swap of third-round picks where the Eagles moved down 25 spots. Jernigan totaled five of his 13 sacks last year in Baltimore and is entering the final year of his rookie deal.

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