Uram: Philly’s New Favorite Odd Couple


Allow me to introduce you to Philadelphia’s odd couple – a pair that appears to be as opposite as ketchup and mustard – Eagles Executive Vice President of Football Operations Howie Roseman and Vice President of Player Personnel Joe Douglas.

Separated from one another, Roseman comes off as the greatest fantasy football owner of all time, the master of March, king of the off-season move, a salary cap wizard, whose tenure as a top Eagles front office member has resulted in zero playoff wins and only two postseason visits.

Douglas appears to be a pure football guy with years of scouting experience and success, but a personality made for the library. He’s quiet, introverted and soft spoken, which is completely different from Roseman who, albeit annoying at times, comes off as very out going, even if these days smokescreens are all he says.

Based on Roseman’s history, it would be easy to assume this combination is a disaster in the making. Roseman has never proven he can work with anyone, especially someone who may pose a threat to what he considers to be heavy football knowledge. However, I can’t help but enjoy their unlikely pairing and believe it will result in great decision making for the Eagles, finally.

Roseman’s knowledge of the salary cap and relationships with other NFL franchises will mesh nicely with Douglas’ eye for talent as proven in their free agent signings and off-season moves.

Their press conferences are a joy to watch, not because of the smokescreens and lack of insight they provide, but because Douglas towers over Roseman when they stand next to each other and it’s clear that Roseman clearly values what Douglas has to offer, actually taking the opportunity on Thursday to head nod over to Douglas to answer a question posed to both of them. What a tag team!

It’s a sign that there actually is great collaboration and chemistry between these two. I’m growing ever more confident that this insuperable pair (as they appear everywhere together) will actually hit on this year’s draft.

I only wish their first names were more compatible to combine, like Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler from the CBS hit comedy, “Big Bang Theory.” When those characters first met in the show, Sheldon and Amy become the duo of “Shamy.” Unfortunately, if you combine Howie with Joe in that order, you get…well…an inappropriate and derogatory term. And there’s something about “Jowie” that doesn’t work for me.

Thus, for now, I’ll stick with Howie Douglas/Joe Roseman, the dynamic duo that will climb to the top of front office rankings in the NFL and lead your Philadelphia Eagles to heights the haven’t been seen in a decade.

Before I forget…

-There is one obvious way Roseman and Douglas can royally mess up their first draft together, picking Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon. Roseman’s refusal to share whether the controversial and troubled talent was on their board or not was troubling. The video of watching Mixon strike Amelia Molitor in 2014 was too much to handle. Calling it difficult to view would be a great understatement. In a draft that Douglas considers deep at running back, many other options are on the table. Forget the fact it would be a public relations nightmare because it’s without question more of a moral issue. I couldn’t stomach watching Mixon run around in Eagles green after what he did. The Birds need not become Team Rehab 2017. Let another franchise garner that distinction.

-It’s refreshing to hear an owner in Philadelphia sports sound like a fan. That’s exactly the tone Phillies majority partner John Middleton expresses. As a guest of The WIP Morning Show on Thursday, Middleton said “We’re gonna get the trophy back or I’m gonna die trying.” What a beautiful statement. That’s the type of attitude that needs to come out of the mouths of Jeffrey Lurie, Joshua Harris (Ha!) and whoever is the top owner of the Flyers (Dave Scott?). I can’t wait until Andy MacPhail and Matt Klentak turn snooze mode off and go to Middleton asking for money. It’s going to be a beautiful sight at the old ball yard.

-Sixers President Bryan Colangelo called the 76ers medical staff “world class” at his end of the season press conference. It made me realize I’m in the wrong profession and need to hand over my resume featuring no orthopedic experience to that organization because I’m more qualified at making health decisions for the 76ers walking wounded.

-Flyers general manager Ron Hextall wasn’t happy the Orange and Black missed the playoffs. He called it a step backwards. I agree. What I disagree with is him considering the franchise to be in “a good place.” After missing the postseason for the third time in five years with underachieving veterans and a salary cap disaster, I find the franchise to actually be in an awful place. Yo Hexy, bring up the kids next year. I’d rather the Flyers miss finish in mid April with their youth gaining valuable experience then hear Claude Giroux drone his way through another losing postgame press conference.


Dave Uram is a weekly contributor to Philly Influencer. You can follow him (@MrUram) and email him at david.uram@yahoo.com.

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