Man Risks Steak Dinner on Doug McDermott, Man Loses Steak Dinner

This is by far one of my favorite posts. Why? Because this one is a win-win. Let’s hop in the time machine and head back to June 27th, 2014. It was the day after the NBA draft where the 76ers, led by Sam Hinkie, decided to take Joel Embiid with the third overall pick. However, for this story, let’s concentrate on the 10th overall pick the Sixers had. Remember how they fleeced the Orlando Magic and ended up with the homie, Dario? Well, the next day, while discussing the draft on the Jon and Sean Show [#Throwback], a listener decided to fire multiple shit-talking tweets, one that said he would bet my “31K salary” on the fact that Doug McDermott would be better than anything Kyle Korver ever achieved. My argument was that McDermott could only hope to be as good as Korver. Below is a breakdown on how the conversation went.

He obviously wanted Hinkie to draft McDermott and my point was I was more than OK on taking a chance on Saric coming over and seeing what he could do.

Why? A few reasons.

The first one was timing. Sixers were in no rush and taking chances along the way. The second is the best reason, and that is because Saric was projected to be a top-five pick the previous year. There was a ton of chatter on how his play translated to pro ball. So all I said on-air was that I would pass on Dougie Buckets for the homie, because I felt like I knew what kind of player McDermott would be at the pro level – no, I never said he would be a bust – and thought that the sky’s the limit for Saric. Hell, he’s the Rookie of the Year this season!

Moving on … we started wagering … and he ran his yap … and now he’s taking me to Del Frisco’s in June.

WOOOOOO! How about that fire!? Hahaha, I should’ve took that action.

I tried to tell him.

Now, this is where he loses his mind because he’s so upset he looks foolish and lost the wager. He decided to tell his version of “alternative facts.”

Look at him trying to be slick! Nah, man. From this point, I followed him back and took it to the DMs so we could discuss time and locations. I told him we are definitely rolling live on Philly Influencer’s Facebook page during the dinner, so please like our page and I will keep you up to date on when the dinner is taking place.


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