The Mets Stole The Weekend, But for All the Wrong Reasons

Leave it up to the New York Mets to always provide comedy, no matter what the situation is. Already dealing with multiple big name injuries like Yoenis Cespedes (hamstring) and Noah Syndergaard (lat) [and even more cause for concern is the way their training staff has handled both injuries], they now have a King of the Hill type moment to catch a quick laugh at.

On Friday night, the social media savants that work for the Mets tweeted out a picture capturing T.J. Riveria with his “Star of the Game” crown and happened to tweet it out not noticing the raging dildo in backup catcher Kevin Plawecki’s locker.

Haha… even Jesus had to check in.

Obviously nobody took blame and Plawecki, I believe, wants to let you know he’s not gay … “but by no means does it reflect who I am as a person.

HILARIOUS! I’m crying. But wait … there’s more!

The Mets’ can’t-miss superstar pitcher of the past, present and future, Matt Harvey, being the good teammate that he is, didn’t show up to the game on Saturday and blamed it on migraines after getting 18 in the morning. Harvey has filed a grievance against the Mets … you know … his own team! Again, I can’t get enough.

But by far, the tweet of the weekend was put out by Marc Carig, a Mets reporter for NY Newsday.

No question the Mets have some talent on their roster, but no matter what, will come up short and, most importantly, provide original comedy throughout the long season! So I guess for that, we should all be thankful.


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