Discussions for the 76ers’ No. 3 Pick Have Been “Fairly Interesting”

Bryan Colangelo is keeping the Philadelphia 76ers’ options open.

He believes the Sixers are in a good spot at No. 3 and told media on Monday that some of the discussions for the No. 3 pick have been “fairly interesting.”

I think that should we move or if there’s a transaction that comes out that gives us  a chance to perhaps increase what impact No. 3 can have in terms of its return, I think we will look at it. There’s some discussions that have been fairly interesting.

Just because discussions have been interesting doesn’t mean anything is going to happen, the Sixers are simply just exploring their options.

The consensus top two picks of the NBA Draft have been Markelle Fultz and Lonzo Ball, but after that everything is up in the air. If the Sixers stay at No. 3, will they go after defensive specialist Josh Jackson, who many feel is the third best player in the class, or go after a point guard like De’Aaron Fox or Dennis Smith?

Colangelo explained that the Sixers have 6-to-7 players in mind at No. 3.

I think there’s some guards that you have to look at that would dramatically improve our guard play, and across the board you’ve got six or seven guys we’re still looking at and considering for three. What happens at one and two is gonna determine how that list gets reduced.

June 22nd can’t come soon enough!


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