North Philly Mom Drops $25K on Son’s Senior Prom

From dramatic prom proposals to extravagant send-offs, proms seem to take extravagance to a new level each year. This prom season, Saudia Shuler wanted to send her son off to prom in style. The North Philadelphia mother spent up to $25,000 to fulfill her son’s wildest dreams and give him a Dubai themed prom celebration like no other.

The desert oasis centered production included Range Rovers, a Lamborghini, camels, sand all over the streets, and a several other Dubai setting pieces. Overall, the party amassed over three tons of sand to pull off the lavish look. There were three sets to take pictures at for her son Eden and his dates. I say dates because the young man in fact had three different young ladies accompanying him to prom. Each prom date had their own custom dress.

Schuler’s son also made several costumes changes. When asked about the logic behind such an over-the-top prom experience Schuler revealed that the idea came to her after she suffered a stoke three years ago. “I was messed up. I couldn’t walk for a year and a half.” Schuler was hit by a car in 2007 and as a result she suffered a slip disc. After the stroke, she made a promise to herself that no matter her condition, she would see her son off to his prom in style.  Initially she was going to send Eden to Dubai as a graduation present but the idea of brining Dubai to Philly was even more alluring.

Hundreds lined the streets to see the Gratz, basketball player, and 3.8 GPA student, scholarship recipient’s off. Critics may come against her for the level in which she spent her money. However Schuler could care less after her several medical battles including her fight with cancer in 2015, recovery, and then the onslaught of debilitating seizures years later. She saved daily to pull off this amazing event.  It was a sight to see as the clear goal of opulence and a prom that will never be forgotten was achieved.


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