Safe No More: Apple Unveils iOS 11 Features That Up the Screenshot Ante

Tech giant Apple previewed its newest iOS update yesterday at the Worldwide Developer Conference in San Jose, California. Many new features for iPhones, iPads, and others devices were on full display. The operating software update adds some fun tweaks to and awesomely enhances some current tools.

QuickType Keyboard

Apple understands that during your busy day you can go from holding a coffee in one hand to flipping light switches seconds later. iOS 11 has a new one-handed quick type feature for the multitasking and dominant hand nation. Once you click on the emoji key and select one-handed typing, the keyboard will compress. QuickType will also be made available and enhanced for iPads. The update iOS 11 keyboard also features numbers and letters on the same keyboard.

Files App

The new Files app assembles all of your documents in one place. It gives you the ability to search and browse your files from various Apple devices, iCloud Drive, Dropbox, and more.


Multitasking and switching apps will be made quicker and simpler with the new dock on your iPad. The Dock looks very similar to the horizontal bar that goes across the bottom of Macbooks. The Dock will also suggest apps and display things you recently worked on using other Apple devices. It also allows for Split View and a fast transition to another app with the App Spaces feature.

Apple Pencil Does More

Apple Pencil for iPad Pro has been kicked up to allow quicker markups, faster annotation and note taking, inline drawing, and even document scanning in Notes.

Interaction and Visuals

With iOS 11 you have the opportunity to Apple Pay your friends within the flick of a message. In a simple communication you can pay anyone or get paid instantly  without having to leave the conversation.

Live Photos has new loop, bounce, and long exposure features. Photos and camera settings also brings new filter options and brilliant light settings.

Siri has a more natural voice, can DJ your parties based off your musical library, and has new question and answer anticipation features.

Airplay 2 allows for you to control the music in your home in several different locations.

The new personalized lock, notification, and Control Center can be modified to your liking. Each customer can change the design and layout of their Control Center on their device.

One of the new feature on the Control Center is screen recording. The next level of screenshotting will have many functions from basic utility to being an extra receipt for past conversation.  Consumers can also breakdown the Do Not Disturb feature to include when their driving and more.

The beta version of the software will be available this month. Look for the new iOS 11 software updates its official release this Fall.


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