This Celtics Fan Burned a Customized Markelle Fultz Jersey

With the Boston Celtics holding the first overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, many thought that Markelle Fultz would be the clear-cut first overall pick that the Celtics would land. But, somewhere along the line, Boston realized Fultz wouldn’t exactly make sense in their backcourt, so instead of picking another player, they decided to get something in return to move back only two spots in the draft.

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Rumors were out there that the Sixers and Celtics had been talking about a trade, but nothing seemed too serious or imminent. That was until Friday night, when Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted that the talks were far enough along that Fultz would likely be heading to Philly on Saturday.

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And that he did. He worked out with the Sixers, and after that was over, reports said that a deal between the Sixers and Celtics had been agreed upon. The Sixers are sending their third overall pick in this year’s draft, and either their Lakers pick next season if it falls between 2-5, or their Kings 2019 unprotected pick.

The Sixers are now set. And some Celtics fans weren’t happy with the reported trade. So much so that even one fan who already got himself a Celtics Fultz jersey decided to burn it.


Poor Boston fans. They’ve faced so much hardship with their sports teams in recent years. Hopefully they’ll be able to get over this one as soon as possible.


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