What’s Trending on TV: ‘House of Cards’ Goes Full Deplorable, Cancellations, and Returning Shows

“I’ve always been a sucker for what people tell themselves about themselves.” This statement is a line spoken by Tom Yates in the newest season of House of Cards. In some ways Tom’s character echoes the audience. Hired to document the lives of the key character, Frank Underwood, Tom serves as an ever-present observer. He watches, similar to every person that cues up a new episode of the political drama, and sees these characters burn each other to cinders so that one of them can be proclaimed king or queen of the ashes. Each season of House of Cards the drama gets intensified, the murders pile up, and the intrigue gets more and more addicting. The newest season begins with Claire and Frank Underwood on the campaign trail trying to secure the Presidency and Vice Presidency of the United States of America. The fallout from the extreme measures taken to try to put a stranglehold on that victory is what keeps the season riveting.

As the episodes unfold, viewers begin to realize that the sinister depths the Underwoods would sink to obtain power has no bottom. The fantastic fifth season is propelled and sustained by a phenomenal cast, shocking plot twists, fast-paced drama, and a truly explosive finale. If there’s a theme for the season its guile and deception. Whether it’s the president’s right-hand man Doug Stamper, Claire Underwood’s counsel LeAnne Harvey, or the ambiguous Jane Davis, each orbiting character becomes a key cog in this duo’s genius and wild schemes. With so much confusion and deception within the series, its hard to decipher the level of trust any of these individuals have for each other. There are always phrases of double-meaning, hinted threats, and sinister glares exchanged even between the Underwoods when speaking face-to-face. The show asks you to question; if there can be unity in a union built on a foundation of lies?

Returning This Week

One of the brightest spots of the changing seasons isn’t just the coming Summer rays it’s the promise of a new TV lineup. Several of shows will be returning to your television screens over the next few weeks, Here’s a list of top-notch shows coming back this week:

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-Netflix has cancelled the sci-fi action television show Sense8. The beautiful ensemble and layered drama lasted just two seasons. Within that time, it established a cult following that have been vocalizing their disappointment since the announcement.

-Speaking of cancellations, WGN America announced that it will not renew Underground for a third season. The critically acclaimed period drama’s producer John Legend has already begun his search to find a “new home” for the series.

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-Entertainment Weekly sat down with the Programming President of HBO, Casey Boys. He spoke on the talks to develop spinoffs for Game of Thrones, the production of the shows, and hints towards the “amazing” seventh season. The publication also released its newest cover to preview the upcoming season:

The Americans show-runners Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields sat with The Hollywood Reporter to talk about the penultimate season and the show’s shocking season finale. FX announced the renewal of the Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys drama several weeks ago. In the interview Fields hinted at the plans for the final season of the show, “We have 10 outlines written scene-by-scene in detail, and we are in the process of doing what we call our season review now, where we take all of our stories and define every storyline and rewrite and rewrite. Soon, we’ll start turning in the scripts. ”

-FOX is bringing a new X-Men centered and rooted drama The Gifted to its network. The show will be airing this Fall. FOX’s release about the drama states; “Family adventure series THE GIFTED, from 20th Century Fox Television in association with Marvel Television, tells the story of a suburban couple whose ordinary lives are rocked by the sudden discovery that their children possess mutant powers. Forced to go on the run from a hostile government, the family joins up with an underground network of mutants and must fight to survive.” View the trailer below:

Broad City released the trailer for its raunchy and hilarious new season. The hit comedy series returns on August 23rd:

Shock and Jaw Dropping Moment of the Week

If you’ve ever watched SpikeTV and heard extreme Japanese yelling or saw someone plummeting into water, you’ve watched Ninja Warrior. The hit international series produced an American counterpart on NBC recently. This week, stuntwoman Jessie Graff became the first woman in the history of the series to complete stage two of the insane obstacle course. Watch below:

Promo of the Week

(The Keepers, Netflix)

What You Should Be Watching

Harlots is an ITV Encore drama distributed to the US through Hulu. The UK series stars Downtown Abbey alum Jessica Brown Findlay, Academy Award nominee Margaret Wells, Lydia Quigley, and more. Set in 18th century London, the series follows brothel owner Margaret Wells, her two daughters, and her prominent rival Lydia Quigley. The ruthless and fiery war between the two women spills over into the streets of London’s aristocrats, businessmen, and commoners. The interesting broadcast shows the dangers and suspense that one of the oldest professions in the world can bring to your front door.

Tweets of the Week


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