Sum of All Sports Report: NBA Crazy Contracts

The NBA offseason has been treated like a scratch off lottery ticket that keeps making its rounds in and out of every front office around the league. With every growing day, it seems like the Brink’s truck was parked outside of every superstar, mediocre talent and overvalued bench player’s driveway in the NBA.  All kidding aside, the growing revenue streams have never been deeper and the players are starting to reap the rewards. The question is … will it ever slow down?

When looking at this money, there are two ends of the spectrum. On one hand, James Harden signs a four-year extension that will earn him $228 million through the 2022-23 season with the Houston Rockets and a few days earlier Tim Hardaway Jr. gets $71 million from the Knicks. Harden is an established NBA superstar and Hardaway is a young talent that could be on the brink of stardom. However, they are both guaranteed a lucrative amount of money without the worry of failure.

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This all brings me to the unfortunate stance the NFL players have to deal with. When a player holds out in the NFL it makes people question their heart or commitment. However, in a sport of such violence that offers no guaranteed contracts, you may start to understand the other side. If an NBA player such as Tracy McGrady or Gilbert Arenas has a knee injury that prohibits them from continuing their playing career, they still get what’s owed to them. In the NFL, that is far from the case. If Ryan Mathews gets cut because of a chronic neck injury, he receives nothing, as the only thing that is guaranteed in the NFL is the signing bonus. After taking the above info into consideration, would you still be mad at a guy for holding out for more security?

Dive further into this topic with Fantasy Sports Analyst and Real Sports Writer Tony Cutillo as he welcomes all comments and opinions. He uses his expertise to elaborate on all the top stories of the week while using his perspective to gauge interest. Here are his other sticking points he has up for interpretation this week:

 –NBA. Is Paul George the answer for OKC? We all know the unfortunate fairy tale of KD leaving for greener pastures while his sidekick was left alone to pull his own weight. Now it seems that the story will be revived as Mr. Westbrook received a PG-13 endorsement. This will do nothing but bolster the OKC lineup and make them a more formidable opponent in the playoffs. However, the bigger question will be if PG-13 stays with OKC. Before the trade it was already noted that George wanted to be a Laker and had no idea he was going to OKC. He is essentially only on a one-year deal and most wonder if he flees after this season. Do you think he stays?

-NFL. Training Camp is almost here. In a few short weeks the noise of pads and helmets will be heard for miles as the NFL opens camp for a new season. There are many storylines that will continue to grow and ones that will be reinvented. Will Bell sign an extension in Pittsburgh? Will Zeke get disciplined for his unsolved legal troubles? Will the Falcons have a Super Bowl hangover? Did I leave anything out?

-Fantasy Baseball.The Yankees as a fantasy farm system? In the world of Fantasy Baseball, the season length is one of the most intimidating factors for new players. However, when the Yankees seem to give you gold every time they bring a player up or back from injury, it makes the year special. With the like of Judge, Castro, Severino, Sanchez, and now Frazier, the Yankees have compiled their own Fantasy arsenal. How many do you have on your roster?

-Fantasy Football. Is Cam Newton still ‘Fantasy Elite’? After an off year by his fantasy owners’ standards, Newton fell back to the mediocrity line for fantasy QBs and now looks to recover. The question is … can he?

In my opinion, he will always possess the unique toughness that not many QBs have in order to be used as a goal line halfback. That fact alone is why he will always be valuable. However, his accuracy is always something that comes into question and until he shows he knocked the rust off from last season, it’s hard to take him as a top five selection.

-WWE. Can GFW be the lifeline of WWE? In a world of falling ratings and stagnant storylines, the WWE has dipped their head into waters they said they would never taste. With the inclusion of AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, and the eventual arrival of the Broken Hardys, they have gone against their previous theories. Vince McMahon has always thought to have the idea that a star outside of WWE couldn’t hold successful gold within the WWE. Now times have changed and the wrestlers above may be the only things holding the company together. Did you ever think you would see the day where all of the titles were held by previous TNA stars? The day is almost here.


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