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Video: Would-Be Picassos Trying to Spray Paint the Ben Franklin Bridge Need Rescuing

If you happened to be awake around 1:00 A.M. this morning and were around Penn’s Landing, you would’ve seen something unbelievable. Two morons have been detained by the police after their attempt to scale the Ben Franklin Bridge and spray paint it. The men’s try to be the next Picasso of the streets was thwarted when they allegedly got stuck. Personally, I think they got to the height of the 382-foot tower and decided that this climbing thing wasn’t for them. I imagine it went something like:

The bridge’s traffic was stopped as the rescue attempt was underway. Nobody was hurt in the ordeal as the police responded and climbed the bridge safely to save the vandals. Once on the ground they were welcomed with handcuffs. The bridge reopened an hour later. Here’s a video of the ordeal:

In a world of viral videos and trending dance crazes, there has to be a better way to get attention in 2017. Minimally, there has to be a legal way that won’t result in the world laughing at you over their morning breakfast.

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