What’s Trending on TV: James Finally Gets a Win on ‘Power’ and ‘What The Health’ Outlines Why You’re Dying

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Every week when viewers hear the 50 Cent and Joe track “Big Rich Town” in the opening credits of Power they know they’re in for a heart-pounding hour of action. The opening of this week’s episode of the most watch show in Starz’s network history begins with a rapture. Each character orbiting the drug empire that Tommy and James built were taken into custody for questioning by federal prosecutors. Club manager Andre and Julio stay sealed shut under the dim lighting of interrogation. However it was Tasha’s friend Keisha that provided the prosecutors with a small thread of information that they could easily turn into a vast string of trouble for James St. Patrick. Keisha informed Angela Valdez, who’s unfortunately still alive, that James and Tasha’s marriage was on the rocks. This is a fact that Assistant U.S. Attorney Valdez is aware of since her affair with James was the cause of their marital strife. Valdez could easily use the couple’s confirmed split to get Tasha to testify against James. When confronted with the possibility, Tasha boldly states they will never get any info out of her.

James and Tasha’s son Tariq is still out here being fake suburban tough. He continues to work with a man he knows as Slim in defiance of his father. Only the audience and Andre truly know that Slim is in fact Kanan, James’ arch nemesis. Proctor, James’ attorney, gets a break when they try to establish a timeline for the murder that St. Patrick has been charged with. The elation of this discovery is short-lived. James’ true identity as Ghost is uncovered in jail by one of the inmates. He quickly demands James pay him 20K weekly to keep his mouth shut.

Angela Valdez, who’s unfortunately still alive, comes into a session between James and his lawyers and offers him a deal. She wants him to admit to killing agent Greg Knox and she’ll get his sentenced reduced. The audacity of this woman knows no bounds. James stares her down and probably curses the day he ever saw her. James and Tasha’s kids continue to be Charmin Ultra Soft throughout all of the legal strife. His daughter gets plastered on the front page of the newspaper in tears and Tyriq lashes out on a boy in school. James’ legal team comes up big when a traffic camera’s footage shows agent Knox pull over St. Patrick on the night he was killed. Proctor argues that the struggle between the two men on this non-logged stop is the reason that his client’s DNA was on Knox’s body. The DNA evidence gets thrown out in the case.

At the backdrop of all of this is a massive drug shipment coming into Tommy’s and James’ warehouse. Tommy smartly orchestrated a rouse to keep everyone busy to ensure the safety of the product. The episode ends with James speaking to his attorney in jail. The victory of his small win in court earlier is a distant memory when trapped behind those bars. His attorney tells him that no matter how hard he tries, James’ true nature will always be transparent. He’s a kid from nothing, a drug dealer, and a criminal. He asserts that James’ money deluded him into believing he was better than the people he shares his jail cell with. James sits there wondering about all the masks he’s put on to seem legitimate; a businessman, a club owner, and a clean entrepreneur. With all the roads he took inevitably leading him to a place where someone like Ghost belongs, it appears the only person who believed in his manufactured identity of James St. Patrick was him. He’s still Ghost, he still lives for the allure of the game, and he still loves the power the streets provide.


-Is there any other news you need to hear other than Winter is here and its Game Of Thrones Week? Do you really need another alert in your life? Jon Snow Actor Kit Harrington stated last week that there will be an intense struggle and tension between his sister Sansa and him this season.

-CBS’s disagreement with Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim after the pair left Hawaii Five-0 continues to go public. Both Asian actors hinted that the network refused to pay them equally to the salaries to the rest of the cast. There’s be an ongoing battle for days in the press on the merit of the claim. The long running network acknowledged last year that they “need to do better” when it comes to diversity.

-NBC released the trailer for their new series The Brave. The plot encircles the saving and rescue of Dr. Kimberly Wells. The stakes are high in the action packed drama brought to you by the same producers behind Showtime’s series Homeland.

The Knick was one of the better shows on Cinemax when it met is unfortunate demise last year. Cinemax chose to cancel the series after two seasons. The axing left many fans with no resolution from the finale’s plot. Last week, show runner and TV titan Steven Soderbergh, gave fans a glimpse into the possible twists the show would’ve pulled off. He stated, “Season three of The Knick was set in 1947 and was going — at my absolute insistence — to be shot in anamorphic black-and-white,”

– Top drama actors revealed to The Hollywood Reporter their first acting jobs in the big city. The Sunday, July 9th roundtable included Billy Bob Thornton (Goliath), Riz Ahmed (The Night Of), Ewan McGregor (Fargo), Sterling K. Brown (This Is Us), John Lithgow (The Crown) and Jeffrey Wright (Westworld).

-The Netflix series Friends From College is set to premiere this week. The ensemble drama and comedy follows a group of adults reuniting after years. Based off the trailer it appears the group is going through the typical progression of realizing that the bonds that once linked them in their younger years are strained and that the people they once were have changed. There’s an inner friendship affair, typical adulating angst, and generic jokes.

-Director Ava DuVernay will be teaming up with Netflix again to produce a docuseries. After her momentous and award-winning effort for The 13th, she will be tackling the problematic topic of the “Central Park Five.” Cindy Holland, Netflix’s VP of Original Content stated,  “This is one of the most talked-about cases of our time, and Ava’s passionate vision and masterful direction will bring the human stories behind the headlines to life in this series…After powerfully reframing the public conversation about criminality and injustice in 13th, Ava now turns a new lens to a case that exposes deep flaws in our criminal justice system.”

Shocking and Jaw Dropping Moment of the Week

For a while, episode five of the second season of Syfy series Wynonna Earp was labeled as a “game changer” for the second half of the season. Showrunner Emily Andras even exclaimed on twitter that she kept sneak peeks and reels of the episode from the media for previews. This week the episode aired and it did not disappoint. It wasn’t just the sudden explosion of agent Lucado’s head or Waverly puking up a black trails of a demon that shocked the audience. It was the last second reveal. After both Earp sisters were free and clear of possession viewers learned that the main gunslinger on the series and kick-ass heroin Wynonna was pregnant. We don’t really know for sure who the father of the child is but my money is on sharpshooter Doc Holliday. The only problem with that is I’m pretty sure he’s 200 years old minimal.

Promo of the Week

(Blood Drive air on Syfy each Wednesday at 10 PM Est.)

What You Should Be Watching

While watching the Netflix documentary What The Health I kept remixing the Mean Girls  Coach K line “Don’t eat meat because you will get cancer and die.” The amazing and eye-opening production outlines the collusion and collaboration between medical professionals, pharmaceutical companies, and the food industry. It also highlights how diet plays into preventing and reversing chronic illness, dispels health’s common misconceptions, and exposes several health organizations. In summation it will scare you enough to want to simply convert to eating grass.

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