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Our Pi Fantasy Football Triple Threat League Is Back!

Are you looking for something different from the norm? Are you still feeling cheated by DFS apps? Well, look no further as the new trend in fantasy sports is right here!

With Fantasy Football turning into a full-time job and amount of leagues continuing to skyrocket, now is the time to try something simple and more direct. With all the teams out there and the many different scoring systems, I wanted to be able to try something different. My goal was to take a more simplified approach, but leaving a very challenging concept to dissect. I started a concept two years ago through that combines the fantasy football regular season and playoff structure into one entity. After another successful year, Pi has made an effort into building an entirely new interface to keep you locked in to the best fantasy football strategy game out there.

The details are as follows:

  • Each week you look at the matchups and submit 1QB, 1RB, and 1WR by going to and clicking on the proper link. (If your pick isn’t submitted on time, no points will be tallied that week.)
  • You will compile points based on a PPR-scoring system. There will be no negative points.
    • QB: 1 point per 20 yards passing, 6 points per TD.
    • RB: 1 point per 10 yards rushing, 1 point per reception, 1 point per 10 yards receiving, and 6 points per TD.
    • WR: 1 point per reception, 1 point per 10 yards receiving, 1 point per 10 yards rushing, 6 points per TD.
  • Your points will be tallied up and kept on a weekly basis.
  • At the end of 17 weeks, we will see who has the most points for the year!
  • THE CATCH: You can only start each guy ONE TIME! There is the challenge.

Like I said above, Fantasy Football has taken over as a top-rated activity and keeps us sports fans glued to the screen. Everyone has their own system for selecting the guys they draft, which keeps it interesting. Now it is time for a new twist, new strategies and a new concept. Are you ready to build your new strategy? If so, come show us your best Triple Threat and try to keep it going for 17 weeks.

Registration for this league is FREE. All results will be tallied and made visible courtesy of The league will cap out so make sure you act fast. All you need to play is a valid email address and a hunger to be #1. Once the link is active you can begin submitting the picks for Week 1. Keep your eyes peeled.

For now, send your email info to and/or send a direct message to Tony Cutillo (@TCutillo23) on Twitter to lock in your spot.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


As always you can stop by my Facebook page (FantasySportsAddiction) or tweet me (@TCutillo23) for questions or some nice fantasy debates. I can also be heard weekly via the internet stream live at WengRadio every Monday at 4:00pm EST for a weekend sports wrap. But most importantly, you can catch me here at Pi!

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For fantasy purposes, all my articles are predicated upon a PPR-based system.

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