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Fantasy Football: Philadelphia Eagles Week 2 Stock Market Report


Sure, it was only Week 1, but it was nice to see the Birds come out with a victory, especially snapping that losing streak to Washington. As I figured, this would be a big game for Carson Wentz with a depleted Washington secondary and one where Zach Ertz would roam around almost effortlessly. Along those same lines, Torrey Smith broke free a few times and Alshon Jeffery was only average at best. What is your feeling going into a hostile environment in Week 2 against a top notch defense? Are there any good fantasy plays at all? Here’s my report!

Trending Up (Last week: 2/3):

Darren Sproles
Sproles didn’t have an exciting week on the ground, but filled the stat sheet up with his typical amount of receptions.  He was targeted five times in the passing game and only carried the rock twice for 2 yards. This looks to be one of those games where the script could be flipped and Sproles becomes more of a focal point on offense. The Chiefs lost their main in sniper in Eric Berry, which could open up more space. I am looking for Doug to switch visors this week and call on #43 for some excitement.

Projection: 8 rushes, 50 yds; 5 recs, 69 nice yards; 1 TD


Nelson Agholor
Okay, you all have spoke and now I am listening. I am jumping on the Agholor bandwagon. I understand it was only one week, but watching him move around with the same speed we seen in the highlights on draft night is why he was a 1st round pick. He looks to have a new energy about him and, if used the right way could be a constant performer who plays all over the field. I am predicting 1 end around the Nelson to go the distance this week.

Projection: 6 recs, 78 yds; 1 rush, 34 yds; 1 TD


Zach Ertz
Zach Ertz was there on every play and will continue to be Carson’s main target. He is becoming a fantastic route runner and now has learned to come back to the ball with conviction. You can see him consistently finding the open space when he knows his guy is in trouble. Instincts like this will lead to constant targets and a permanent spot on the Trending Up report!

Projection: 9 recs, 110 yds; 1 TD


Trending Down (Last week: 2/2):

Alshon Jeffery
I hate to keep seeing our Million Dollar man on the downward report, but he gets tossed into another matchup with a premier CB, this week being Marcus Peters. He only managed 3 catches last week and this week will be much of the same. I hope no one used a high round pick on Alshon, as his production will be sporadic at best.

Projection: 4 recs, 37 yds



Carson Wentz:
The Eagles came out swinging last week and Carson made some spectacular plays. However, this week will be very different and looks to push Carson back from Fantasy Elite to a midtier performer.

Projection: 236 yds, 1TD/1 INT



Insider Trading Tip:

LeGarrette Blount  wasn’t a huge bright spot in the game, but didn’t have a negative impact either. He simply wasn’t used enough. In Doug’s wacky world of over thought play calls, Blount spent more time on the sidelines trying to stay loose than piling through the trenches. This could be a week where Doug finally sees the light and makes the running game a focal point of the offense. This could lead to a few nice plays in the RZ.


This report is always up for debate. Feel free to interact with your likes or dislikes and comments along the way.

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  1. Jeff

    09/16/2017 at 6:36 PM

    Just curious how you project Agholor, Ertz, Sproles, and Jeffery to combine for just shy of 300 receiving yards, and this doesn’t include Torrey Smith or any other receiver, yet you project Wentz for 236 yards passing?

    I don’t quite understand that.

    • Tony Cutillo

      09/19/2017 at 1:10 PM

      Good question… It’s all about give and take. The numbers I have predicted on individual statistics would only come to fruition in a perfect world. So I basically count on a ratio of 2 to 3, which would then be more on par with the end result. Thanks for reading and hope I answered your question!

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