Uram: Let’s Pump the Brakes on the Andy Reid Praise


Quality is better than quantity.

It’s a phrase that applies to most aspects of life. And it certainly applies to former Eagles head coach Andy Reid, a man with nearly 200 career victories and many successful regular seasons, but minus one big prize … the Lombardi Trophy.

As the Birds get ready to play Reid’s Chiefs Sunday afternoon, it’s a reminder that there are still some out there who consider Reid a “great” coach.

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He may be the winningest coach in Eagles history while managing the most successful stretch of playoff appearances and victories for the franchise during the Super Bowl ear. But don’t let that cloud your judgement about what really matters. Reid never won a Super Bowl in his 18 previous years as an NFL head coach. Thus, when I hear an apologist praise Reid because of his regular season record and playoff visits, I roll my eyes and think, Here we go again. Why won’t this person admit that ‘Big Red’ is overrated?

Yup, I think Andy Reid is overrated. Hashtag Mike Lombardi hot take of the week. #mikelombardihottakeoftheweek

Reid may have been a great motivator and most of his players through the years speak very highly of him.

I also can’t deny that his regular season records are impressive, featuring 11 double-digit winning campaigns, one 13-win, three-12 and five-11.

It’s the Big Game that dooms Big Red. For example, why didn’t Reid run Duce Staley more in the 2002-03 NFC Championship game against Tampa Bay when Staley previously owned the Bucs? Why did he fail at time management in a couple of postseason contests with the Chiefs? Why did he completely neglect to recognize the clock in Super Bowl XXXIX?

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It’s those moments in which, to an objective observer, overshadows his success. The longevity in a league, sometimes dubbed “Not For Long,” and regular season accolades ultimately mean nothing.

Everyone is judged on Super Bowls in the NFL, including coaches. Until Reid finally wins one, he’ll always be a good coach, – maybe even really good – but he’s not great.

Big Red always tells the media, “Time’s yours,” but the “time” will never be Reid’s until he is finally able to fix his bad habits and step in the games that matter more than the most.

Before I forget…

• Good job by Doug Pederson to pass his first major test of the season, winning against the Redskins after his qualifications were called into question. Only thing is, the Eagles won at Washington because of Jim Schwartz’s defense, specifically the defensive line. Funny how things work. Truth is, I think Jeff McLane’s Inquirer story about Schwartz and Pederson was misinterpreted by many. McLane relayed anonymous opinions about Schwartz’s desires, not actual facts that Schwartz wants Pederson’s job. That being said, it wouldn’t be surprising if the defensive coordinator’s mannerisms are what they appear to be to three anonymous players and one staffer. It wouldn’t shock me if Schwartz truly does want to undercut Pederson. But, that’s just rampant speculation, that will only grow throughout the season if the Eagles and Pederson fail. Maybe Schwartz can bail the head coach out again.

• Rhys Hoskins is the real deal. The first baseman/outfielder’s 17 homers in 33 games is no mirage. This kid will be a legitimate player for the Phillies for years to come. And he’s not the only one. Nick Williams has proven to be a very reliable middle of the order hitter. Odubel Herrera is talented despite knuckle head moments. Aaron Altherr is solid. Jorge Alfaro is a good bat, despite lacking defensively. Not to mention, J.P. Crawford is getting his first taste of the bigs and it’s only a matter of time before Scott Kingery comes up. News flash! The Phillies will be tolerable next season.

• Joel Embiid tweeted that “he can’t wait to shut these bums up,” on Wednesday night. Who are “these bums?” LaVar Ball? The doubters about whether he can avoid injury? NBA 2K for his ranking? While Embiid’s tweet is extremely entertaining as always, it’s time for the Sixers’ cornerstone to put up or shut up. Potential isn’t going to be worth the price of admission anymore. Embiid needs to keep himself healthy and on the court and not worry about the critics. Let his play do the talking, stay healthy, win games, and then he can talk about those “bums” all he wants.


Dave Uram is a weekly contributor to Philly Influencer. You can follow him on Twitter (@MrUram) and email him at uramradioman@gmail.com.

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