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Week 1 Fantasy Triple Threat Recap and Winner

Week 1 is in the books, and it was a huge success. It was a week that saw some unexpected rises to fame and injuries to some lead guys. I could hear the grasps of every owner who drafted David Johnson as they waited in suspense for the medical updates. If he is on your traditional Fantasy Football squad you will be lost for a few months. However, if you used him as one of your Triple Threat players of the week, you have no worries. That is what makes this contest so unique.

As we wrap up Week 1, let me touch on a few things. With every first run there could be a few hiccups, but after a solid explanation, all is forgotten in the next phase. The following are a few minor explanations that will help us for the upcoming weeks.

• The system does not know if you have already picked a player in previous weeks. Please keep track, as I will be looking as well. We will be posting the images of everyone’s picks, so it will be easy to look if you forget.

There is only one (1) entry allowed per email address. For those who entered multiple times with different players, you top score was kept. However, moving forward, I will have to throw out your week as incomplete if it happens again.

All results will be posted in the Triple Threat Recap on Wednesday each week. Please understand there are hundreds of entries to sort through and the extra day allows me the time to do it correctly.

• Players who play Thursday night MUST be picked before their game time. If they are picked afterwards, you will receive a ZERO and be charged for using that player.

• The winner will be contacted by email for any prize information for that week.

Before we get into the stats, let’s look at the results so far and see where everyone stacks up. The top trio was Matthew Stafford, LeSean McCoy and Antonio Brown picked by Below is a more in-depth recap of Week 1:


For all my statistical animals out there, below are some tidbits based upon the first week:

Most used QB: Matt Ryan (32 times)

Most used RB: LeSean McCoy (48 times)

Most used WR: Antonio Brown (54 times)

Good luck to everyone in Week 2, and remember, everyone is still alive! Here is the link to enter your Week 2 picks.

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For fantasy purposes, all my articles are predicated upon a PPR-based system.

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