WOJ BOMB: Sixers, Joel Embiid Agree to Five-Year Extension


Maybe the rumors were true all along.

Maybe Joel Embiid and the Sixers were working on a contract extension this whole time.


But, moments ago, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski dropped another bomb: the Sixers and Embiid reached a five-year agreement on an extension.

The deal, worth $148 million – and possibly up to $178 million, is the designated rookie scale maximum contract extension. Lots of criteria to meet for Embiid to get that money, according to Woj. This includes: All-NBA team, getting an NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award and winning NBA’s Most Valuable Player. That’s the super max criteria.

But the Sixers aren’t throwing away money. Woj notes that the Sixers will get salary cap protection should Embiid miss significant playing time with an injury.

Now, The Process officially has moved into its next phase.

Embiid’s reaction? Likely something like this:


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