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Chip Kelly Will Be the Next Head Coach at UCLA

The rumors have been swirling, especially these last few days, about Chip Kelly heading back to college to head a football program.

The reports said Kelly was leaning towards the University of Florida, but then backed out. Florida moved on, and so did Chip. And Chip moved on to the west coast.

Confirmed to ESPN by Chip himself, he’ll be heading to UCLA as the next head coach of the Bruins. On his birthday!

The news broke on ESPN’s College GameDay this morning:


The contract is for five years, $23 million, with a $9 million reciprocal buyout.

Kelly’s such a good fit for college football. He’s shown the NFL is probably too much to handle for him. He belongs in college football and this will probably make the Pac 12 a little bit more exciting.

I’m not one to pile on guys, but Kelly failed in the worst way here. He actually made us love Howie Roseman. But, I’m not rooting for him to fail in college football. I just want to see some exciting games.


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