Fletcher Cox Is Apparently Being Sued

Fletcher Cox is reportedly being sued, apparently the result of “seducing and banging” another man’s wife.

According to TMZ, Cox is being sued by North Carolina resident, Joshua Jeffords, for more than $25,000 for “alienation of affection.” Because now, apparently, his marriage is falling apart. And that’s because of Cox.


Jeffords claims Cox continued the relationship via text messages — which Josh now has — and he says it’s smoking gun proof that Cox is liable for “alienation of affection” … which you can sue for in N.C.

According to North Carolina state law, to win an A.O.A. case, one must prove 3 things …
1) You and and your spouse had a genuine love and affection
2) The love and affection was alienated and destroyed
3) Malicious acts of a 3rd party produced the alienation of affection. Malicious is presumed if there’s proof of sexual intercourse.

In his lawsuit, filed on Nov. 22, Jeffords claims Cox sent her a photo of his penis on Snapchat and followed up with text messages telling her he wanted to knock her up.
He provided copies of the alleged texts that read, “I want to get you pregnant” and “I’m dead ass serious.” Another text says, “You ain’t gone be no damn single mom.”

Jeffords says his marriage has completely crumbled — his wife has blocked him on Instagram — and he blames Fletcher for everything.

Man, if Cox knew the woman was married, that ain’t cool. But, something tells me with the money he’s making, he may not think twice about paying a little over $25,000… I mean, that’s chump change to him. Either way, it’s an interesting story and so far, the Cox camp has remained mum.


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