These Top 10 Touchdown Celebrations Have Made the NFL Fun Again


In a league where off-the-field issues and seemingly weekly referee controversy accumulate in droves, the National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell made a big change prior to this season. Thankfully, he looked past his own vanilla personality and bland gestures in order to introduce touchdown celebrations back to the game.

One of the biggest criticisms of the National Football League [often referred to as the No Fun League] has been its unwavering stance to be stern without the opportunity to let loose. Whether it was wearing special cleats that held a symbolic message or an exciting dance that gives the people a reason to watch a Cleveland Browns touchdown, the idea was met with an emphatic, “NO!”

Fans didn’t understand the rule and the constant complaints of the players were heard around every locker room.  Luckily for the millions of viewers who tune in weekly, the NFL bought into the idea and announced that it was relaxing its penalties for choreographed celebrations. The results have been no less than stellar.

I, for one, feel like some look at these celebrations the wrong way. These choreographed acts of elation are not built on cockiness or swag. They are merely a way to celebrate a special moment or play with a group of guys you call your “Football Family.” Partaking in acts like these typically lead to team camaraderie, not showboating or jealousy.

As the weeks go on, the intrigue grows and everyone is just waiting to see what’s next. The players, announcers, fans and even some of the coaches are joining in the fun. Even the calm, ordinary and uninspiring Cris Collinsworth had an interesting stance on the reinvented part of the game. “One of my favorite things that happened in this NFL this year are those end zone celebrations,” he said. “We see these young people for what they are. They’re in their 20s. They’re fun-loving, social media, all that kind of stuff. So we get a chance to meet them. For the most part, people who watch the NFL, sometimes they see the issues that get attached to these players. But those celebrations have let us see young kids having fun with football. And I love watching it. I really do.”

Creativity speaks volumes in our society and is one of the main traits that are instilled in the youth of today. Be creative. Use your imagination. Now we get to sit back and enjoy these visions on a national level as they break though our electronic devices and come to life right before our eyes!

As we head into Week 14, the following are some of the top celebrations to date.

The Vikings play a quick game of Frogger.


The Steelers play hide-and-seek.


The Chiefs have a potato sack race. Who wins?


Who remembers Duck, Duck, Goose? The Vikings show their version here. 


Alshon Jeffery give us a glimpse of his bowling form.


Who wins the belt? The Steelers go all-in with their WWE style celebration. 1,2,3!


The Ravens show their strength in a friendly game of Tug of War. 


Everyone’s favorite childhood game, Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots.


The Eagles do their best MLB version of charging the mound.


Maybe Markelle Fultz could take some pointers from Leonard Fournette’s free throw form.


What one is your favorite?


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