An Apology Letter from the Heart to the Philadelphia Eagles


Certainly no one could have predicted the path in which this glorious football season has taken. Most of our predictions started off with an average-at-best year, but now our team has come to the pinnacle of success.

The Eagles have a chance to do something Sunday night not many thought was attainable this season, which is hoisting the Lombardi Trophy.

Along this journey was a host of moves that weren’t always popular, but deemed necessary by a slew of fans, media members and writers. Many of these moves came into question based on the track record of our personnel department, talent evaluators and head coaching prowess. I, for one, had an issue with most of the moves, simply because my faith was in question. Now, I sit here as a new man; a man who has been battle-tested and reborn.

It’s never easy to swallow your pride and admit fault as an adult, but sometimes you have to buckle down and take your lumps. Now, it’s my turn. My heart belongs to Doug Pederson and now I will attempt to ask absolution from my theories that have been proven wrong throughout the course of this year.

Dougie P, all Eagles players, and all front office employees, please accept my apologies for the following generalized and horrific assessments I have spoken of in the past:

• Halapoulivaati Vaitai, aka Big V:

When Jason Peters went down and you were thrown into action, I said we should trade for an established left tackle. I also referred to you as a human turnstile. Now, you are holding your own. You proved me wrong!

• Patrick Robinson:

When you arrived at training camp and had trouble right out of the gate, I was concerned. I went on to say that you couldn’t cover me with a 40-yard lead. I basically run a double-digit forty time, so for that, I apologize. You proved me wrong!

• Alshon Jeffery:

When the Eagles signed you, I said you were only here to get more money next year and couldn’t hold Dez Bryant’s jock. Now, you are locked up and far exceeded Bryant’s worth. You proved me wrong!

• Nick Foles:

After Carson Wentz went down, I said we would have no shot and be one and done in the playoffs. I also said you had an arm like a Nerf gun. Now, you’re in the Super Bowl. You proved me wrong!

• Brandon Brooks:

After the Eagles signed you, I thought it was an excellent move. However, your first year was less than stellar which included missing a game due to anxiety. You had me thinking of Shawn Andrews all over again and actually had me referring to you as an extra for the movie Awakenings. Now , you’re a Pro Bowler and squashing linemen like pancakes. You proved me wrong!

• Jay Ajayi:

I loved the trade to get you here and was excited for the future. Then came the dreaded Marshawn Lynch-esque interview leaving me with my doubts. I once said you were a selfish player who was mad about being left out of a team picture. Now, you are leading this backfield to glory and sharing the rock along the way. You proved me wrong!

• Howie Roseman:

I was never a fan and couldn’t bring myself to trust you. I referred to you as the little weasel in grade school who used to get beat up for his lunch money. I even went on to question your pizza toppings and terrible choice for ice cream flavors. Look at you now… clearly the general manager of the year. You proved me wrong!

• Jeff Lurie:

I was pointing to you as a problem and the reason why we’d never win a Super Bowl. You got burned by Chip Kelly and I felt you hired Pederson as a rushed move that gave you a safety net back for the franchise. I also said you would never win a dance contest and didn’t know how to use your hands to communicate peace. After watching you get down for two weeks in a row and throwing out peace signs like they were Trick-or-Treat candy, I felt misguided. You proved me wrong!

• Doug Pederson:

Look at you now! The guy I said would never lead us to the Promised Land and couldn’t design an NFL offense. I actually referred to you as a Gatorade mixer in Kansas City. Now, you’re turning that visor in for a crown. You proved me wrong!

I have given my share of labels and theories, but used my fandom to keep silent hope alive. Now, the Eagles are doing the unthinkable and are giving us some of the best memories we will ever have in this city. One thing is for sure: I will keep being a pessimist, but will trade apologies for success any day of the week!


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