Bryan Colangelo answers nothing about Markelle Fultz’s timetable to return


While the Sixers’ duo of Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid have graced us with some memorable basketball this season, the elephant in the room since October has been the shoulder of Markelle Fultz and what exactly’s wrong with it. We’ve gotten no answers from Brett Brown, Fultz himself, or Sixers general manager, Bryan Colangelo.

Colangelo met with the media today and explained that Fultz could play this season. And that he might not. He can’t answer that question because he doesn’t know the answer. Shrewd dude.

“Markelle had an injury as you all are aware … That injury led to a lack of muscle control and coordination, of his muscles. Through physical therapy and strength and conditioning and no increasing basketball activities, with respect to every aspect of his preparedness to play, whether it’s the physical component, the shot mechanics, everything.

Back when he had an MRI, there was nothing that was indicated on the MRI showing any structural damage. He was struggling as you know, and we shut him down. We further reviewed his case, and tried to dive deeper, and found that there was a scapular injury that was causing the breakdown. So that is what is being dealt with, that is why he’s going through a long and difficult recovery, and that’s what he’s working on.

He’s retraining his shooting mechanics, he’s retraining his muscle movement patterns, all those things.”

Good thing Colangelo smartened us up on the whole injury that Fultz had. It’s been so long since the actual injury was an issue that I almost had forgotten about it. Looking at this season and seeing as how Fultz may not return any time soon, maybe it’s best to sit him the rest of the year. On the other hand, getting him into game shape and game situations can only help the mental side of his game, which seems to be the sticking point at this time.

If anything, I just want Fultz to be at the best that he can be when he does step back onto the court with his team. If it means not joining the team on the court this season, so be it. We’re used to that.


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